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In Loving Memory
William Edward Lauterbach, III
RedPropeller Founder

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to one of the speaker bureau greats and former head of our RedPropeller family, Bill Lauterbach. Bill passed away peacefully on May 2, 2024, in Scottsdale, Arizona at 86 years of age where he lived with his wife and co-founder of RedPropeller Speakers Bureau- Nancy.

Everyone in the speaking business knew Bill. He and Nancy teamed up in 1988 to create Five Star Speakers and Trainers. It was one of the first non-exclusive bureaus in the country. And it was here that he helped grow the business and became friends with some of the world’s best speakers and entertainers, while also endearing himself to Five Star clients. He and Nancy sold Five Star in 2010 but soon after created RedPropeller Speakers Bureau before happily retiring and selling the business to daughter-in-law Susan in 2018.

Bill’s presence in our world will be sorely missed. We’ve heard from so many of his friends and speakers in the past week. So many talking of the positive energy he always brought and how he was everyone’s biggest cheerleader.

Our RedPropeller family will carry on Bill’s positive vibes and his never-ending enthusiasm for the speaking business, and we will continue to deliver on our tagline to “Deliver Inspiration ” in his honor. But it just won’t be the same without him in our lives.

Please join us on June 8, 2024 in Scottsdale as we celebrate his life. Details can be found here.


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