What Our Clients Have to Say…

I attended the speakers showcase in Kansas City and was amazed at the talent that I witnessed that day. The presentation of the day went well. There was an appropriate number of speakers, appropriate variety of topics, and the food was yummy!

We left that day filled with many ideas of how we can prepare our company for further success and motivation! If you are questioning whether attending one of these is worth it, the answer is 100% yes! RedPropeller Speakers Bureau is VERY professional and does well at setting up your event/occasion to be a huge success! Thankful we came across this amazing company!

Andrea Rodriguez

I have been meaning to write a note to you and everyone at Red Propeller — that Speakers Showcase was awesome. It’s been interesting to note how many times in the past three weeks we have referred to the showcase in our meetings with our clients.

With that said, we would love to hear more speakers and be knowledgeable in who is really “hot”, etc.   We haven’t explored to see when the showcase in KC is, but we would love to attend.  SO PLEASE keep us updated and informed.

Joe- Rumbledrum

Really terrific job on the showcase. Have a phenomenal rest of your summer!

Holly, Brightspot

Better than I ever expected. Thanks for including me.

Kim, NTT Data

This venue allowed speakers to be big (vocally, personality-wise) Really great show Great diversity and execution! Loved it!

Meeting Planner

Really great show! I appreciate the opportunity!

Michelle, UT System

Everything was great! Headshots were a nice added touch and surprise!

Sarah- PPAS

Thanks again, so much, for having me be a part of your RP Showcase! It was an amazing experience seeing so many remarkable speakers, one after another – both inspiring and humbling at the same time. It was a Masterclass in speaking style, technique, nuance, delivery, and amazing content!

Dennis Ford- Speaker