I want to book a speaker.
Now what do I do?

Who do I contact?

You’re in the right place. Call 630.390.6981 or email us here for your RedProp professional for assistance. She’ll get your “person”. Because don’t we all need a “person?”

Where are you guys located?

We have offices in Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Douglas, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

So many choices! Where do we start?

Lucky for you we’ve been doing this a while! For 30+ years the family-owned RedPropeller team has been immersed in the professional speaking world. (It’s all we talk about!) Our showcase series is designed to bring the best talent to you to help you make an informed decision. We also make it a habit to attend speaking events in our cities, speak daily to new talent, and are members of IASB, the International Association of Speakers Bureaus, so we can stay in the know. With objective and directions from you, we will bring forward a qualified selection of speaking talent to choose from.

Why should I book a speaker through RedPropeller?

The better question is “why not?” All we do is “speakers” all day long! We don’t hold exclusives with speakers so the sky’s the limit on who we can propose to you. We’re always on the hunt for great speakers, entertainers, authors and everyone in between. We also book actors, chefs, wine experts, magicians and all sorts of entertainment. While you’re busy hunting down other things, let us work our magic to find someone who will be in budget and the right match for your audience.

What happens once we select a speaker through you?

Check “Find Speaker” off your “to-do” list! We’ve got it from here. The speaker pays our fee, so let us do the leg work for you. RedPropeller will produce the contracts and invoicing in a prompt and organized fashion and you’re on your way to a successful meeting. Our team will get you the speaker’s bio, photo, and pre-event set-up requirements. We’ll also arrange a call with your speaker to get everyone on the same page with expectations. Call on us whenever you need us. 24/7/365/911/411!

How the heck do you guys make money?

As we said earlier, the speaker pays our fee for bringing you together. Please always go through RedPropeller when talking to a speaker we’ve recommended to you. Because we don’t hold exclusives with speakers, we can roam far and wide to find the best fit for your event. Get along little doggie!

What if I need more than a one-hour keynote? What if I need an all-day training?

You’re in luck! Our speakers LOVE to speak! They can tailor a presentation that best fits your program from one hour to a full day. We will work out all those details in the contract phase and often the speaker can customize their presentation to your meeting topic. Speakers love to study ahead of time to make sure your meeting is inspiring and successful!

When can we start?

Give us a call at 630.390.6981and Get Inspired!

Red Propeller Dallas Showcase

Red Propeller Dallas Showcase