We’re all struggling to adjust to our new COVID-19 quarantine world. While we wait for virus counts to level off, we’re trying to maintain the same level of productivity at home we had in the office. And it’s hard!

Randall Dean knows how hard working remotely can be. He is likely the best e-mail management speaker/trainer in North America. If you use MS Outlook and/or Gmail, he will help you reduce your e-mail distraction and find your sanity and productivity (and he does this in a fun and engaging manner!)

Randy can help you and your organization with issue of time and project management, staying connected with your coworkers, tech management using Outlook or the Google suite, as well as how to better use smart phones and tablets. He can also provide tools to help you with those pesky distractions. Not just how to reduce/control e-mail distractions, but ALL distractions, interruptions and e-distractions!


Taming the E-mail Beast: Key Strategies for Your Managing E-mail Overload

Every day, managers and professionals are getting buried under a continuing stream of both useful and useless e-mail. Without a system for getting “control of the beast”, professionals spend much of their work (and personal) time spinning wheels and feeling highly unsatisfied.

If you would like to get control of your email “beast”, you should attend this program featuring specific tips for Outlook and Gmail users, but applicable to ANY e-mail user.

Learn a proven system for taming your e-mail account, with strategies for keeping your inbox efficient and under control by building and administering a personal “e-mail processing system”. Learn how to get rid of all those “quick little” e-mails once and for all, prioritize your most important messages, and mitigate or even eliminate much of that annoying junk and spam. Finally feel on top of your e-mail and related activities, rather than feeling it is on top of you.

Finding an Extra Hour Every Day: Time Management Tips and Tricks for Busy Professionals

In this popular program on “finding an extra hour of productivity” every day, Randy Dean uses humor and high energy as he goes into many of the most common areas of productivity loss (and possible gain!) afflicting many busy professionals today: managing multiple projects, maintaining “traction” when dealing with tasks and interruptions, managing your e-mails more efficiently, clearing the clutter in your mind for better focus and attention, keeping staff on task, tracking “who owes you what” and getting that information on time, and better managing your calendar and contacts for better time and relationship management.

His goal is to help stressed out performers learn several new and immediately useful strategies for finding a few minutes on tasks, activities, and actions you are already doing, leading to at least an extra hour of productivity every day.

From Distracted to Productive: Finding Your Focus in Today’s Increasingly Interrupted World

E-mail. Texts. Interruptions. Project Transitions. Office Clutter. Smart Phones and Apps! Social and Other Media. Even Family and Friends. These key distractions sometimes make it almost impossible to get anything done. It sometimes seems like there is always SOMETHING getting in the way of what you really need to do. But with some forethought and effective strategies, as well as some personal discipline, it is more than possible to find your focus once again, even in a hyper-distracted world. As a matter of fact, those using these strategies will have a long-term competitive advantage — both professionally and personally.

We’ll look at each of these key areas of distraction and define strategies for enhancing long-term focus, productivity, and performance. We’ll share “game plan” ideas for getting and keeping your distractions under control, and finding critical “focused productivity” time each and every day, leading to not only performance but also clarity of mind and purpose.

Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets: Getting More Productivity (and Fun!) from Your SmartPhone and Tablet Devices

You know which apps are fun, but what apps and functions will help you turn your Droid, IPhone/IPad, and/or BlackBerry into a productivity workhorse? In this session, we’ll discuss the apps and peripheral devices that help take your Smart Phone (and tablets) from “cool” to “critical” when it comes to productivity, time, project, people, and e-mail management as well as “remote” productivity. A highlight to this program is when the presenter, Randy Dean, opens up the floor to program participants to share their favorite apps, allowing people to gain knowledge from all program attendees.

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