Chris Bashinelli

Actor/Activist from Brooklyn whose TV career spans MTV to The Sopranos, celebrated Emcee and Guest Speaker for the United Nations

Bash’s keynotes have been developed over his one-decade as a social entrepreneur, explorer and television host. He shares the formula he has used to moderate major events for the United Nations with no formal training… to executive producing a TV Show for PBS at 23 years old… to leading a National Geographic Expedition in Mongolia- where he lived as a nomad. His unique life path has brought him to nearly 40 countries, building bridges across cultures and gaining unprecedented insight into the universal human experience. Bash invites you to “Step Outside Your World” and embrace a unifying perspective!

Bash’s unique approach to “Global Citizenship” empowers attendees re-structure the way they view the world- beginning with themselves. Being a Global Citizen begins with believing in our own potential. By creating a strong foundation within ourselves, with our co-workers and on our stoop, we will then be able to create lasting change in the greater world. Bash encourages each of us to realize our full potential- thereby becoming inspired members of our families, our organizations and ultimately our world.

If you’re looking for a vanguard that will engage your audience and empower them to think differently about their lives and their relationships, then Bash is your speaker. He reminds us how important it is step outside of our comfort zones, be fearlessly honest and put others first. Whether he’s interviewing Dr. Jane Goodall for PBS or embarking on yet another jaw-dropping adventure in Mongolia, with humor and humility- he presents us with a new way of looking at our world.

Bash has been an Executive Producer and TV host since he was 23-years-old. He has attracted major sponsorships from corporations like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, interviewed some of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People on the Planet, led a National Geographic Expedition in Mongolia and Sumo Wrestled the heaviest Japanese human being in recorded history. His work has been featured in acclaimed publications including Huffington Post, Delta Sky, American Way Magazine, Daily News Zimbabwe and Lonely Planet. He is the youngest male ever to moderate the United Nations International Day of Peace. He has an official day named after him in Montgomery, Alabama for his work with the Boy Scouts of America. His favorite song is “Layla”, the acoustic version, by Eric Clapton.

Chris Bashinelli



How to harness your unique gifts to serve others

(Corporate Leadership)

TOPICS: Sales, Service, Corporate Leadership, CSR, Diversity, Inclusion

A leader unflinchingly places the needs of others above his or her own. This drive to serve our clients stems from recognizing that all human beings are interdependent. Having walked in the shoes of everyone from Pakistani fish mongers to Mongolian nomads, Bash sees firsthand how every role is just as valuable as the next and no one is more important than another- be it the secretary, the janitor, or the CEO.

Being a Global Leader doesn’t mean changing our jobs, joining the Peace Corps, or even traveling abroad! Rather, it means recognizing the service we already provide to our clients and the difference we already make in people’s lives. Bash helps us realize our true potential by eliminating self-doubt through exercises that reinforce trust in ourselves. Through stories of leaders who have overcome unthinkable obstacles around the globe, Bash reaffirms that we can each increase our productivity by shifting our focus from self to other.

inspirational / life-changing


The 3 simple steps for strengthening relationships


TOPICS: Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Communication

The “Stoop” is a universal metaphor for building connections with people across intercultural, intergenerational and international boundaries. It is a mentality defined by listening, non-judgment and the courage to step outside our comfort zones. Bash’s childhood Brooklyn stoop was a set of stairs with friends that shared a total of thirteen nationalities. Sometimes a stoop is a teashop in Saudi Arabia, a pile of rocks in Haiti, or the community workplace in a Minnesota accounting firm. In this flagship talk, Bash defines the practical steps by which we can create stoops in both our communities and in the workplace.

Join Bash on a trek across continents, wrestling with nomads in the hills of Mongolia, jumping with Maasai warriors on the plains of Africa, and understanding the subtle cultural nuances that define human relationship. The Rules of the Stoop are the actual method by which to diffuse tensions and strengthen the most challenging relationships in our personal and professional lives. Through thought provoking exercises, unique audience participation and uplifting videos we will be empowered to create more authentic relationships here and now.

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A guide to unleashing your potential and contributing to humanity

(Global Citizenship)

TOPICS: Sales, Service, Leadership, CSR, Cultural Awareness, Global Citizenship

A Global Citizen uses his or her everyday life as a vehicle to serve others. Global Citizenship (GC) does not mean giving up our possessions and traveling the world to volunteer- it means finding moments each day, both inside and outside the office, as a means to contribute. Once we identify our unique gifts and abilities we can transform them into a means to serve. The good news is we can do this in essentially any career on Earth!

Bash traveled to over 30 countries before realizing that being a GC has nothing to do with traveling the world. GC is a mentality we carry with us in our hearts that strengthens our relationships, builds trust in ourselves, and breathes life into our productive winds. It is categorized by authenticity, openness and a genuine concern for others. Having trained with Mongolian herdsmen, walked for clean water in Haiti and harvested buffalo in Pine Ridge, Bash defines the new GC mentality- one that we can apply to our lives today.

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Life lessons for discovering your passion

(Education Groups)

TOPICS: Empowerment, Inspiration, Direction, Cultural Exchange, Social Change

Noise in the modern world is constant and serves to distract us not only from our greater goals, but also from our internal decision maker- our heart. Before we can identify our unique talents and offer them to the world, we first must learn to Ignore the Noise. By putting down our smart phones and turning our attention inside we often gain insights into some of our most pressing challenges. Join Bash, National Geographic Explorer and TV Host, on an introspective journey to the often intimidating, yet rewarding path of life after college.

At 20 years old Bash was broke, living at home and far removed from the path of his dreams. By 23 he became one of the youngest people to speak in the UN General Assembly Hall and produced an international TV Show for PBS. His journey to the unexpected has been plagued by failure and tragedy. By ignoring the noise and trusting himself in his greatest moments of doubt Bash was able to discover his potential and create a niche career path a social entrepreneur. Ultimately we’ll learn that fulfillment has less to do with our outer career path and more to do with our inner path- our intention. Through captivating stories and thought provoking exercises students will leave with confidence they need to embrace life after college- in any career they embark on.

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