Tony Hoffman’s journey from addiction and homelessness to the Rio Olympics is both inspirational and educational. Through deeply insightful presentations about mental health, addiction and recovery, Tony presents fresh ideas to improve outcomes in mental health, addiction, stigma, prevention, reentry and homelessness.

Tony uses his long term recovery, years of speaking experience, over a decade of therapy work on self and an incredible journey of hope and inspiration to share tools that teach how healthy emotional coping skills limit our risk to behaviors that can lead to harm and addiction.

“Tony was amazing. He tells his compelling story but spends more time on WHY – What took him from remarkable athlete to drug addiction in such a short time. His focus is on mental health, the stigma, the lack of conversation, the feeling there was nobody to turn to. He takes accountability but sends messages of hope. He has got to be the most “in demand’ speaker on addiction and mental health issues there is.”

Leslie Dahl – Pillars