Ashley Fox is one of the NFL’s most well-respected journalists and a trailblazer in the ego-infused world of sports media. During her 24-year career, including seven years as a lead NFL reporter and analyst for ESPN, Ashley covered football for the largest sports media network in the world.

By being fair, honest and accountable, with unwavering professionalism and boundless optimism, Ashley earned the trust of professional athletes, coaches, owners, team executives and league commissioners.

Ashley understands the power of relationships – as well as the steps to build and maintain them. She has mastered the lost art of listening and knows that the best questions mine the most insightful answers. To this day she maintains lasting relationships with some of the most powerful people in professional sports, proving that championship teamwork isn’t just for NFL Sundays.


Go Far Together – Lessons from the Sideline

NFL coaches by nature are overachievers, plagued by insecurity and motivated by the pursuit of greatness and the avoidance of failure. They are the de facto CEO’s of billion-dollar corporations. In this inspiring keynote, Ashley shares her unique experiences covering America’s sporting obsession and the lessons she’s learned from the leaders of the most exceptional athletes on the planet. Learn how to:

  • Excel by being disciplined, prepared and regimented
  • Motivate yourself and others by setting expectations and not wavering
  • Lead by accepting blame for failure and deflecting credit for success

Move the Ball

Ashley speaks to audiences about her unique experiences as a female journalist covering sports for the largest sports media outlets in the world. Seminal moments happen to us all. How do we react and recover? In this inspiring keynote, Ashley shares the lessons she’s learned from the leaders of the most exceptional athletes on the planet and outlines a five-step process to becoming a winner at work. Learn how to:

  • Lead with integrity
  • Communicate exceptionally
  • Connect authentically
  • Motivate through impossibility
  • Cultivate critical relationships through the lost arts of listening and storytelling

Motivate Like A Pro

Professional athletes by nature are some of the most highly motivated people on the planet. But developing high-performing individuals into a cohesive, championship team takes skill, consistency and patience. In the National Football League, there is on average a 22-percent annual turnover rate among head coaches. Time, therefore, is of the essence. In this illustrative keynote, Ashley shares stories from her experience as one of the only female on-air NFL analysts at ESPN and what she has learned from NFL coaches about how to extract peak performance through motivation. Learn how to:

  • Inspire through incentives
  • Lead by example
  • Delegate to empower
  • Communicate to engender trust
  • Prioritize the minutiae

Three, Two , One — Jump!

Fear can be paralyzing. It can be debilitating. It can cause immense anxiety. We fear the unknown. We fear the future. We fear failure. How do we overcome it? In this highly personal keynote, Ashley explains her experience suffering three significant life-altering events – losing her marriage, her dream job and her father – in a 22-month span and how she refused to give up by uttering four simple words. Learn how to:

  • Overcome fear by taking three breaths and then jumping in
  • Find your resiliency within
  • Be courageous
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Never give up