Jacob Green

See CHANGE Clearly – Helping High Performing Teams Tackle Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Edge

Jacob Green’s extensive leadership experience comes from a variety of career and life experiences. As an executive, he has managed hundreds of employees, and navigated a half a billion dollar budget.

But Jacob’s life experience is even more impactful than his career achievements. This expert speaker could have been relegated to dark basements playing Xbox games all day. That can happen to people who get seriously injured early in life and don’t know how to get off the mat. You see, Jacob took on a robber at a subway station when he was a college freshman. Not a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Jacob wound up getting struck in the head numerous times by the violent criminal. The good news… his cranium kept two terrified subway workers safe!

The traumatic brain injury Jacob sustained forced him into nearly three years of full-time rehabilitation. After which he battled back to earn his Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and work his way up in a large organization as a top executive. It’s no wonder that his clients describe his talks as “inspiring, high-energy,” and say Jacob “talked to us like an old friend.”

Jacob’s engaging talks come from the heart. And that makes it easy to connect to any audience. Instead of empty catch phrases that pollute many corporate events, Jacob’s authentic stories resonate with audience members looking to be inspired and even challenged.

Jacob has received numerous awards for his leadership, including the National Caring Award, the Orange County Human Relations Award, Most Inspiring Student at UC Irvine, and is the youngest recipient of the Gene Lentzner Humanitarian Award. He’s just as proud to be rewarded with an embrace from an audience member who is brought to tears or given goosebumps for the first time in a while.

Jacob is a highly effective keynote speaker, facilitator and coach that works with clients like Mattel, FedEx, Hyundai Capital, and so many others to inspire audiences with his speeches, tailored to each client. No cookie cutter approach can work in today’s fast-paced world. So Jacob takes time to know the individuals coming to listen to his story. That’s the only way to be that old friend that helps them tackle today’s challenges for tomorrow’s edge.

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Are you in the midst of organizational change and need to inspire and energize your teams? Are you about to implement a major company-wide policy or technology that will require alignment? Are you seeking ways to help your top performers take their results to the next level and stick around through your company’s continued growth? If yes, we can help!

With this keynote, Jacob Green doesn’t aim to solely provide your team with motivation. High performers are already motivated. What they need is help with navigating a constantly evolving business world. Jacob provides powerful tools and tactics that make that navigation less daunting. These resources were developed during Jacob’s own radical change; a journey back from a traumatic brain injury suffered at the hands of a violent criminal. Jacob’s motivation was tested daily when he was knocked down by life, just as most of your team has or will be. He was a changed man, complete with visual and cognitive impairments. Change couldn’t be ignored or willed away. The only choice? Embrace it!

This keynote will help executives fire up their best people and ready them for change. Teams walk away with Jacob’s tailer-made tools to face adversity. Hopefully no one in your company ever feels the punches of a vicious robber, but most will be tested by company restructuring, new technologies, unforeseen business competition, or life struggles. Those changes hurt – individuals and organizations. Jacob can empower both entities to embrace, then, overcome such changes.

After hearing the keynote, managers will:

  • see a fired up team with the ability to protect that fire that is always threatened in today’s changing economy.
  • have an authentic, fresh message to carry forward that will sustain…instead of being left to tired rallying cries.
  • see in real time engagement, the effects of Jacob’s impactful story on the audience.
  • hear from individual staff how the talk sticks with them over the long term.
  • enjoy the lower attrition rate of their best performers who no longer see change as something to avoid, but as something to clearly conquer.

This keynote is best in a 50-60 minute format for ultimate content delivery, but can be contracted or expanded based on the client’s needs. This format ensures a deep dive into the tools and resources available to supervisors, managers, and leaders. And of course, all formats are fully customized to your industry….that’s our specialty!


The most successful organizations must learn to utilize crisis and hardship to create a new and resilient culture.  Crisis and hardship are easy to find right?  Companies might as well use them to their advantage.

Other organizations have learned to use adversity as “workout tools” for their teams.  In this keynote, Jacob incorporates case studies of teams that built up their performance muscles by meeting challenges head-on.  Your team will be shown how any team, once cowed by change and turmoil, can lock horns with evolving challenges and take your organization to the next level.

After hearing the keynote, managers will: 

  • learn the three steps  necessary to recover from organizational crisis.
  • see how to turn soul-crushing individual experiences into shared team triumphs over any challenge, personal or professional. 
  • understand the need for, and steps involved in, rebuilding an organization with insights from all levels of the workforce.  
  • drop old fears about company adversity from the past, then leverage those impactful stories into a foundation for strength and clear organizational vision.

This keynote is best in a 50-60 minute format for ultimate content delivery, but can be contracted or expanded based on the client’s needs.  This format ensures a deep dive into the tools and resources available to supervisors, managers, and leaders.  All versions give leaders the edge needed to leverage the organization’s previous crisis and use that adversity to mold a new and empowered culture.   And of course, all formats are fully customized to your industry….that’s our specialty!


This keynote presentation explores the importance of discovering a patient’s motivations and interests, and leveraging those connections as the primary means of catapulting patient success during rehabilitation. Jacob will discuss the pivotal moments in his own brain injury rehabilitation process that enabled him to connect with his passions and ultimately become a high level executive helping run a $500 million dollar organization with 1200 employees.

After hearing the keynote, healthcare professionals will:

  • see patients incorporate compensatory strategies faster and more effectively.
  • help patients develop tools for a smoother rehabilitation journey.
  • gain fresh compensatory strategies and skills to pass on to their patients.
  • be reinvigorated with their new toolkit; helping them reconnect with the purpose behind their role as healthcare provider and healer.

This keynote can be delivered in a 50-60 minute ballroom format, or ask us about an expanded 2-4 hour workshop that will dive deeper into the myriad of tools and resources available to rehabilitation professionals to help them connect with patient success.