Joel Goldberg

Stimulate thought and change through value-based stories from the world of sports.


Joel has spent more than 25 years in television, developing and maintaining relationships with professional athletes, coaches, and team management.  He has added the business perspective through hundreds of conversations with executives and entrepreneurs on his podcast “Rounding The Bases.”

Joel has become a powerful public speaker and presenter, talking with groups about the networking principles he’s learned from his experiences of interviewing successful icons. Joel drives home a strong message of personal perseverance tailored to each and every audience and focuses on delivery impact for growth.

A native of suburban Philadelphia and Chicago, Joel Goldberg has worked as part of the Royals’ broadcast team for FOX Sports Kansas City and Bally Sports KC since 2008.

Upon completion of his degree in journalism and history at the University of Wisconsin, Joel began his broadcasting career in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, followed by stops in Madison, Wisconsin, St. Louis and Kansas City.

Joel won an Emmy for reporting in 2001, and has covered two Super Bowls and four World Series.

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Small Ball Big Results is about the little things that add up to the big wins in baseball, business and life. Leaders and team players alike will draw vital lessons from Emmy-winning sports broadcaster Joel Goldberg as he shares tales of perseverance, patience, grit and gratitude from soldiers, executives, entrepreneurs and athletes. From the good times to the most challenging, Goldberg shares how building a stronger culture is the foundation to success, and it requires playing Small Ball every day.

Small Ball Topics:

  • Building Trust Within A Team
  • Finding Purpose
  • The Power Of Positivity
  • Every Role Matters
  • Reading The Room
  • Hit The Curve / Making Adjustments
  • Mentorship / Pass It On