Joshua Evans

Bringing purpose back to professional and personal lives by empowering individuals to build engaged teams, impassioned individuals, and phenomenal organizational cultures!

Joshua’s singular goal is to fundamentally change the way people view their work by bringing deeper purpose into the workplace. When individuals have purpose behind their efforts it results in huge benefits to the organizations they work with! Joshua has worked with leaders in organizations of all sizes to bring Purpose to the forefront of the conversation regarding modern work.
Joshua is a pretty wild character. He’s a Keynote Speaker, TEDx programmer, best selling author, former white water rafting guide and corporate executive, father of 3 and all around awesome guy. He’s been hired by 100’s of professional organizations and companies to teach leaders how to re-engage their team members and bring fulfillment into a working environment.
Joshua’s corporate clients include AmericanExpress, GE, Starbucks, The US Department of the Interior, ExxonMobil, and many others. His insights have been featured in: Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, LA Weekly, INC.and others.
Joshua speaks all over the country to companies and professional organizations bringing the idea of deeper purpose to forefront of the conversation regarding modern work.

Joshua M. Evans is on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations engage, retain, and empower their people.

He is committed to bringing a fundamental shift to the way companies conduct business, and it all centers around identifying and living with true purpose.

Organizational cultures are being tested like never before. Purpose is quickly becoming the standard for individuals to gauge their careers and the metrics companies use to judge their employees.

With over 15 years of experience, Joshua brings an enthusiastic and innovative approach to the future of the working world. He provides teams and leaders with the tools necessary to re-engage and love the work they do to create healthier, more profitable businesses.

He is an international speaker and corporate trainer, a TEDx programmer, best-selling author of Enthusiastic You! Rediscover Your Passion & Energy, as well as being a leading expert on organizational culture.

Joshua has worked with hundreds of companies including American Express, ExxonMobil, GE, Raytheon, Transamerica Life Insurance, Maersk International, Landry’s and many more.

He truly believes that for any organization to succeed, they need to realize that attitude is far more important than aptitude.

Joshua and his wife and their three children live outside Houston, Texas. When he’s not working, Josh enjoys adventures in snowboarding and sailing.

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Each of us began our careers from an engaged place. On our first day of work every one of us was excited and intrigued. However, with such demanding roles, it can be easy for us to lose sight of the meaning behind our work.

What if we could re-engage in our work? What would be the organizational impact if we could help every person find meaning and purpose in their role?

In this session, audiences will learn how to manage influences, direct perceptions, and build aspirations that create phenomenal organizational cultures with fulfilled employees and engaged teams.

Participants will:

Learn how to build an engagement-focused working environment
Obtain tools for effectively communicating to build positive organizational momentum
Discover how to increase coworker engagement for authentic interactions

Organizational cultures are being tested like never before. Purpose is quickly becoming the standard for individuals to gauge their careers and the metric companies use to judge their employees.

Millennials make up approximately 50% of today’s workforce. 87% of millennials are willing to work for less money if their work provides a sense of purpose.

How can we provide purpose to our teams?

In this highly interactive session, attendees will learn how to provide purpose for an unparalleled employee experience in a post-Covid workplace.

Participants will:
• Obtain tools for cultivating a unique employee experience
• Learn how to identify negative triggers and eliminate workplace toxicity
• Discover the secret for finding fulfillment and purpose beyond pay and benefits

The world is changing at a record pace and today’s teams are tasked to do more with less. They are also expected to remain engaged while facing an unprecedented shift in the traditional workplace.

Cultivating resilience in each employee is necessary during transitional times, and it starts with realigning each team member with the meaning of their role in their organization.

This presentation will amp up the enthusiasm in your organization and rekindle engagement, commitment, and trust between leaders and team members.

Participants will:

Obtain insights for empowering your team to positively adapt
Learn the common workplace traps and how to avoid the spread of toxicity within your teams
Discover effective tools for moving your team beyond their daily roles and into a state of deeper purpose