Joy Baldridge

Keynote speaker who kick-starts conventions, expos, symposiums, educational conferences. Captivates, entertains and transforms audiences, thoughts, and behavior. Sets the tone, for the entire event.

Joy Baldridge’s first speaking engagement was at the White House at the age of 19. She got there by cold calling the president.

Joy is a Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Virtual Presenter, Certified Personnel Consultant, TEDx and globally renowned, virtual, and onsite event keynote speaker and facilitator, who has spoken from Boston to Bangkok, Denver to Dubai, Seattle to Singapore and Grand Rapids to Grand Cayman.

Joy is the author of 3 business books, most recently, The Joy in Business – Innovative Ideas to Find Positivity and Profit in Your Daily Work Life. In 2019 she made the 41 Top Motivational Speakers list along with Daymond John of Shark Tank and Author Simon Sinek. Her message is fresh and new,
her energy captivating, insights inspiring and motivating.

Joy has delivered over 2,500 virtual and in-person presentations for organizations and corporations including Google, KPMG, IBM, NBC, Rolling Stone, Citi, Skadden, Dentons, Architectural Digest, and Oprah Magazines, International Spa Association, Alexander Graham Bell Association, Yale University, The Jack Welch College of Business and Technology, SHRM, ANNA, ABA, and AMA. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who delivers presentations that are meaningful and memorable.

Joy shares innovative, actionable, invaluable tools and proven fresh ideas that all can quickly benefit from by applying to everyday challenges at work and in life.

Time management/Self-management



Successfully Riding the Corona-Coaster Building and Sustaining Impactful Resilience and Mental Health and Wellness

Corona-Coaster (n.) The ups and downs of the pandemic.

How to successfully deal with the inevitable ups and downs in your day during COVID-19 and beyond is what will be covered in this uplifting, engaging, energizing, and insightful webinar. There is still a lot of uncertainty out there, but when nothing is certain, anything is possible! This content-rich presentation is designed to meet your specific challenges head on to achieve the best possible results. You will learn, and leave this webinar with:

• How to build your own individual resiliency strategy
• Making the connection between resiliency and top performance
• Adapting well and recovering quickly when faced with adversity
• Being more self-aware and self-monitored regarding wellness and stressors
• Planning specific ways to be and feel more connected to yourself and others
• Achieving a renewed perspective, well-being, and way of life.

All who attend will leave with specific, proven, scientific practices they can immediately implement to build their own individual resiliency system to transform many old and existing habits into positive new ones. Additional benefits are: A renewed perspective on work and rest ratios, better clarity of thought and focused productivity, while feeling less anxiety and stress, and more control, and overall enjoyment, of your work and life.


How would you like to get more done in less time and with less stress each day?

In this uplifting, engaging and energizing webinar you will learn how to detect and deflect the stress you may frequently experience at work and in life. You will also discover an abundance of “Golden Nuggets” tangible, easy-to-use techniques and strategies proven to help you gain 3-5 more hours of time in your week. There’s an old expression: “Lose an hour in the morning and you’ll spend the rest of the day looking for it.”  In this session you will learn how to balance priorities better, recover from interruptions faster, and be more productive in longer.  The ultimate goal is to do your best so you can leave each day feeling satisfied.  In a nutshell this seminar will assist you in achieving this goal.

Learning Points:

Upon Completion of this dynamic webinar, the participant will be able to

1. Identify stressors and apply techniques learned to detect and deflect stress sources while maximizing productivity

2. Cite how to recover from interruptions in 2-15 seconds vs. 2-15 minutes

3. Immediately apply the interruption recovery techniques

4. Describe the 4 core human emotions, the anti-procrastination formula and the RENT concept of natural wellness

5. Select the tips to use beyond the workshop to create a less stressful and more productive work and home environment


When massive changes occur, it is of vital importance to stay focused on the priorities.

Of greatest importance is providing world class customer service despite the disruption of change. Performance management is also paramount. Embracing change involves making adjustments to your mindset and your skill set. In this dynamic, highly interactive and engaging seminar you will learn how to:

  • Be more flexible and adaptable
  • Motivated and committed towards change
  • Adopt and adapt new systems effectively and efficiently
  • Prepare for inevitable adversity
  • Understand the mindset of change and gain a new perspective
  • Detecting and deflecting any negativity throughout the change process
  • Utilize a variety of roles and rules that will yield positive processes and outcomes
  • Discover the benefits of incremental change – step-by-step
  • Minimize distractions
  • Be more confident, secure, and productive during change
  • Owning the changes
  • Being aware of your attitude and effort as key components to performance management

You will leave with:

An abundance of Golden Nuggets – tangible, useful and immediately applicable ways to adapt better to change

A deeper understanding of how adjust your thinking to the changes as they occur

A list of questions to ask to foster good communication during times of change

A renewed confidence when dealing with change

Ways to modify your behavior and the behavior of others during change

A working knowledge of the mindset and skill sets necessary for positive change

An action plan on how to use the Golden Nuggets moving forward