Employee churn is inevitable, but we’ve entered an unprecedented period of employment realignment. Workers are trading in and trading up, leaving companies that don’t meet their needs. And it’s not always for more money. So how do you create a culture and work environment that entices your best employees to stick around? Dennis Ford can help you build one.

Dennis Ford is Founder and President of Quantum Leap Productions, an innovative and wildly creative corporate messaging company. With over 25 years experience crafting unique corporate messages for live meetings he realized there was a common denominator that every leader talked about but very few addressed effectively…their company culture.

So, after digging into the guts of many Fortune 100 and 500 companies it became his quest to actually solve a problem that every company faces…how to conceive, create, implement, and nurture a truly positive, effective, and joyful corporate culture. And even more important, how to create a truly profitable culture, one that contributes greatly to both productivity and bottom line revenues…at no cost to the company.

Dennis Ford: “Building an Intentional Culture of Joy, Passion, and Huge Achievement””


The Great Resignation is here, and it’s real – don’t let it cripple your productivity.

It is very costly in both hard dollars and productivity when you have to replace a valuable employee who chooses to leave. Learn how to make sure your most valued employees opt to stay with you. The answer to this dilemma will surprise you.

The post-Covid world is a strange one, as we go from the highest unemployment numbers in decades to many companies fighting to find, and keep, key employees. Leadership in every company has this front of mind, and they should. But there is a major motivating factor being ignored, yet it is actually the most important.

Employees don’t leave you for a modest bump in salary or a dollar more an hour. Find out why they actually leave in this revealing Keynote, and how to make sure your key employees are so engaged and happy they will opt to stay with you even when offered more money. Yes…even when offered a higher paying job. Find out how to keep the employees you value the most.


This timely topic, and often ignored source of profound gains in productivity and revenue, is based on my #1 bestselling book, “Monetize Your Culture”. (All attendees get a copy) With stories of successful cultures and also brutal examples of how corporate America all too often misses the culture mark, the audience will be laughing at, and stunned by, the status-quo of corporate culture. In the end I offer simple solutions to the oft-times dismal and unhappy state of American business culture and how to realize significant gains in productivity by promoting joy, trust, and respect.


87% of employees in the U.S. are unengaged and unhappy…87%! And that’s not good. Every year $500 billion is lost due to employee’s lack of engagement…half a trillion dollars, simply because employees are not happy in their jobs. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies with happy employees will have nearly 40% higher sales, 35% higher productivity, and a swing of over 60% in earnings growth. So, where do these happy, engaged, productive employees come from? A respectful, joyful, appreciative, and supportive company culture. After 25 years of sitting in on hundreds of high level company leadership meetings, we had an epiphany. That American business culture, in general, was in a dismal, even tragic, state; but it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why Quantum Leap Productions Founder, Dennis Ford, wrote the book Monetize Your Culture: Create A Passionate, Committed Workforce That Actually Increases Your Bottom Line. It hit #1 bestseller on Amazon after only a few weeks, which tells us corporate leadership in the United States is ready to address the shortcomings, and unfulfilled growth potential, of business culture. Based on the principles in the book, we created QLP Culture Consulting…a quantifiable system to literally change your company culture and dramatically improve its performance. It can be done, we assure you!

Here’s a sobering fact – at your next meeting your attendees will leave retaining about 15% of the information…after all your efforts…only 15%!

Here’s another sobering fact. According to the Harvard Business Review, 87% of employees in America are unengaged. Now, put them in a dark ballroom, throw in a bunch of long presentations with hundreds of PowerPoint slides and what do you get? Pretty much nothing.

You’ve been there yourself, right? Those big meetings where you totally zone out? So, the very reason you had the meeting…to inform, to influence, to teach, and to inspire, is vapor. People leave and forget just about everything. Even if you’ve tried shorter presentations or panels, how’s it turned out? Are you convinced people “get it” or do they leave remembering almost nothing?

For 26 years Quantum Leap Productions has made it our business to make sure corporate messages and information get remembered and acted on to get you the results you need.

How? We don’t change your message – we radically change the delivery. Here is a fact…we remember plays, movies, and stories, but we don’t remember speeches. We just don’t. What we do is take YOUR information: imperatives, actions, vision, and we “package” them in wildly compelling and entertaining mediums to make them work for you.

Your marketing or sales plan becomes an all original musical comedy…full cast, live band, and big musical numbers. And the “secret sauce” to everything we do? Every production is about you. Your people, your imperatives, and your message all woven into a full-blown, custom stage production. Again, we remember stories, we don’t remember speeches.

Even complex training can be presented in sketch comedy formats like Saturday Night Live. Think about how we vividly recall SNL sketches from decades ago. That’s what will happen to your message when presented in fun, topical, and entertaining ways. It really will.

Don’t go into your next meeting knowing you’ll likely waste a ton of money and miss a huge opportunity. If only 15% of your people are impacted by your message, that’s not a “win”.

As a trainer, what’s the thing that keeps you up at night…that brings you anxiety and doubt? What if the people I’m training don’t “get it”? What if nothing changes…nothing is learned…no new behaviors or attitudes result? Impacting and changing behavior is a really hard thing to do! By our very nature most of us are resistant to change.

According to Learning Solutions, here is the compelling and troubling truth. Within one hour after a training session, 50% of the people will have forgotten what they learned. Within 24 hours…70%…and within a week, 90% will have retained nothing of what they were presented in training.

A cornerstone of Quantum Leap Productions is this: when information is not retained and acted on, it is NEVER the fault of the message…it is ALWAYS the fault of the delivery. So, unless your people “get it”, the time, investment, and very reason to pull your employees from their work to learn something new is a waste.

For 26 years, QLP has been creating wildly entertaining and compelling training; in sales, in diversity, in management, and more.

How do we make training compelling? We remember stories and plays, right? And we remember things that make us laugh and feel. We don’t remember “explanations”. When we produce training sessions imperative number 1 is that it has to be entertaining. We engage people because the stories they see on-stage are about them…their world, their challenges, and what they do in their jobs every day. We have a mantra that QLP lives by – “If it’s about me, you have my attention”. It’s human nature. We are our own favorite topic. If you are simply telling your people what to do, how to do it, and what to feel…it will fail.

We utilize actors and comedic sketches to bring the behaviors you want people to adopt to life. Your trainers can interact with your trainees based on what they just saw together on-stage. Engagement soars; so does retention….and that leads to action.