Lane Shuler

Delivering powerful customized poetic experiences that will inspire.

Lane Shuler is a spoken word poet, speaker, realtor, and event host from Townsend, TN. From 2010-2012, Shuler earned 2 Knoxville Poetry Slam championships, a final four finish at the Southern Regional Poetry Slam, and a top six finish in the National Poetry Slam group finals in Boston.

In 2013 Lane’s poetry act I.N.K. was invited to appear on TVOne’s Verses and Flow, and were signed by one of the largest college booking agents in the country. From there, Shuler was invited to perform and speak at colleges and conferences in Philadelphia, Miami, Buffalo, Dallas, Los Angeles, and many more and were called one of the hottest live acts in America by Campus Life Trends magazine. He’s shared the stage with American Idol winner Clark Beckham, Kristen Merlin of NBC’s The Voice, Kevin Brown of Parks & Rec, Steven Brundage of America’s Got Talent and more.

Lane has sold over 10 million dollars in real estate, and has been featured on HGTV, and Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen Network. He’s an entrepreneur and a founder and owner of his city’s first co- working space and entrepreneurial incubator program Sky City. He’s an owner of LeConte Realty, and Southeast Title, two real estate companies closing tens of millions of dollars of business every year.

Master of ceremonies/Emcee



This program is perfect for:

  • ​​Corporations hoping to reconnect their employee base to the organization’s mission
  • Non-profits looking to increase donations at their fundriasing events
  • Associations needing to energize their membership base by reconnecting their members with their “why”
  • Organizations looking to get viral content from events that can increase online impact
  • Any event planner looking to have something truly unique at their next event

The audience will leave with:

  • ​​Corporations will leave with employees that are reconnected with their compay’s mission. Studies show having mission-driven employees leads to a higher employee retention rate, higher rates of trust for their leadership and ownership teams, and are more likely to grow into high performing employees.
  • Non-Profits will leave with a higher rate of giving as compared to their prior events, these increased donations can be used to used to improve facilities, provide increased bonuses to team members, allow for increased advertising for the organization, update old office technology and supplies, pay for advanced training for team and board members, and fund future fundraising events.
  • Associations will see higher retention rates, both in membership, and event attendance. This leads to increased revenue for the association, higher budgets for future events, increased advertising and marketing power, higher funding for lobbying initiatives, additional funding for charitable services, decreased spending on membership recruiting outreach.