Connection is everything when it comes to team-building. Laughter and shared experiences brings a team together like nothing else, and Tim Clue’s humor and highly interactive keynotes can help you do it.

A natural connector who creates motivational experiences through shared humor—from agriculture to education, to health care and business settings of all kinds—Tim Clue redefines “motivation” as Connection, Transparency and Trust.

Increasing trust, team and connection through laughter is Tim’s art form and passion. This one of a kind Keynote speaker is an award-winning writer, educator, and comic, He’s opened for a former president and Jerry Seinfeld. His play “Leaving Iowa” was nominated Best New Play in the Country and is performed in theaters across U.S. and Canada.


Inspirational Motivation: A funny thing

Tim Clue inspires with humor motivation and connection. Using laughter as a super-connector, Tim creates engaging, motivational experiences through shared humor. For Tim, words such as Synergy, Team-Building, Morale, Collaboration aren’t just good plays on Boardroom Bingo;
Tim uses his award-winning teaching practices, coupled with his expertise in improv and stand-up comedy, to increase the rate of familiarity and fun in any event. Designing unique, intimate and powerful exchanges, Tim gets people out of their seats and into his presentation, connecting them in entertaining yet thoughtful-and surprising-conversations. “Suddenly it’s not my event, it’s our event.”

Discovering his greatest inspirations from a collection of worst practices and fabulous failures, Tim quickly learned that presentation-even in the business of humor-is never easy if you’re really trying to create something that feels on-point and with purpose. This instructive ringleader brings forth a bevy of inspiring and engaging experiences, appropriate for conferences, employee or management gatherings or client appreciation events.

Inspirational for educators: The unlikely teacher

Tim Clue is a professional writer, stand-up comic and award-winning teacher who believes that speaking and learning should be dynamic, interactive, collaborative, ideally funny (for better stickiness) and should allow for failure, reinvention and plenty of wiggle room. Tim also believes that comfort with discomfort is essential for growth. What if, instead of a blah blah blah lecture on these basics truths, Tim asks us to take a journey-through the use of his improv experiences and dialogue-to learn, laugh and collaborate with him on what we already know but often forget: The Art of Connection is Timeless. Please join Tim in understanding Why.

Educational Break-Out #1: “Three C’s – An Improv-Based Program”

Communication, Collaboration, and Confidence. Utilizing strategically adapted improv-based exercises, Tim offers a shift in how students might better connect with language, themselves, and each other. This breakout is highly interactive and participative, daring teachers to rethink how we structure the exploration of language and the power of ideas. Teachers will learn first-hand how to use specific exercises to increase confidence and meaningful communication with a series of collaborative take-home strategies that can alter the most timid among us. Tim sees these not merely as drills, but foundational tools that can change the habits, culture and communication challenges in all schools. Trust, connection and team-building surges as Tim’s classroom is filled with a sense of passion, play and a new-found purpose. And by the end, the message is startlingly clear: Learning is better when we bring everyone along. Tim shows us How.

Educational Break-Out #2: “Tim Clue Q&A – Let’s Process the Process!”

With so much presented, we need time to process and interact and even push back on what we’ve just seen and heard. Tim is an experienced facilitator and enjoys engaging with the true leaders and thinkers, changing young minds and reinventing schools that will influence our next generation.

Unconventional Host

Tim’s background as an award-winning communication and speech professor explains his ability to be able to condense, distill and/or emphasize important messages that could be left behind. Added training with Second City and over 20 years as a professional stand-up makes Tim the perfect emcee: high energy, exceptionally interactive, and capable of making others’ mistakes look intentional, brilliant, or at least hilarious. As the Unconventional Host, Tim kick-starts camaraderie with big laughs and creative, collaborative elements… and he’s always clean. Deftly weaving your important message insights with his intelligent brand of humor, Tim is suitable for your team’s awards banquets, client appreciation events, management meetings or any other type of gathering.

Comedy Keynote

Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, squeaky clean and adept at finding the pulse of your company, Tim integrates your messages and culture with his unique brand of high energy interactive humor. Using his razor sharp wit, Tim custom-builds original, hilarious, creative and collaborative presentations for every client, making for an unforgettable and inspiring event. His stories are hysterical, but his message profound: only the relationships in our lives reflect the values and intensity with which we live. For Tim, Leadership needs Laughter and Comedy is Communication. Fantastic for Holiday Party entertainment, too!