Looking for a varied speaker who can entertain while delivering a message that will help your audience shatter their self-imposed limits? Check out Frank Miles!

Frank Miles died in a hang gliding accident and was revived in the ER. He came to realize true courage is not facing death in daredevil pursuits. True courage is facing life every day. After a full recovery, Frank left one successful career and embarked on another. Using comic monologues, juggling, music, and magic, he brings to life simple ideas that help shatter self imposed limits of fear.

As an inspirational speaker, Frank has a great message for your audience.

“There are things you can control in life, and things you can’t. It’s like the knives and half-million volt stun-guns I juggle onstage. All I can do is apply myself to the handle. But when I do that, the other end takes care of itself. Keep your eye on the handle of your actions, your choices, your dreams too. The rest of life works itself out. You’ll see for yourself if you’re willing enough to give it a real chance. I did.”


Laugh at Fear

Frank Miles’ offbeat, funny response to his near-death experience and long road to recovery. He demonstrates ways to confront issues of change and accompanying stress, while reminding audiences of what is really important in life, and puts them on the road to achieving their goals.

Check out his demo reel to see Frank in action.