Harness the power of the 21st Century Woman to propel your organization forward. Jen Buck can help you do it.

As the descendant of chattel slavery, and the ancestor of family who enslaved people, Desiree Stephens and Jen will co-facilitate this moving, soul-stirring, and ultimately very inspiring 60-minute keynote.

This keynote is designed to facilitate some difficult conversations around race, unconscious bias, the landscape of inequality, and concepts around privilege and fragility. Seeing oneself is the first step to supporting others. If we can peel back societal frames to show up as better humans and co-conspirators, we can help interrupt the systems that have kept racism in place. We believe it’s time for all people to come together and understand the intersectionality of these biases and how to be a part of the healing. If we can get this right, and truly Make Shi(f)t Happen, we’ll create positive momentum for big changes in the world. Audiences walk away more aware, empowered, and ready to be a part of the movement to create positive changes that benefit everyone. In this powerful keynote you will learn to:

Life and community are all about agreements. The agreements we make and the agreements we keep and uphold, be it in action or in silence, create the society around us. We believe it’s best to heal in the open and do so collectively. We are seeking like-minded people to create new agreements and abide by them in truth and love.