Mark Mears

The new world of work is changing… on purpose! Join “The Purposeful Growth Revolution” where I help individuals, teams and organizations find purpose in fulfilling their true growth potential.

Do you want to make any size gathering a success? Your audience will be inspired, educated, and entertained with actionable next steps to get GROWING!

As a hopelessly addicted “Growth Junkie,” Mark A. Mears is an author, keynote speaker, consultant, and visionary business leader with a significant track record of building shareholder value. He has driven innovation and profitable growth among world-class, high-profile brands such as PepsiCo/Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Frito-Lay, JCPenney, NBCUniversal, and The Cheesecake Factory.

Today, Mark serves as Chief Growth Officer for LEAF Growth Ventures, LLC—a consulting firm helping individuals, teams, and organizations find purpose in fulfilling their true growth potential while making a positive, lasting difference in the world.

Mark is a member of the Senior Leader Network within Conscious Capitalism, Inc. who has just released a new book titled, The Purposeful Growth Revolution: 4 Ways to Grow from Leader to Legacy Builder. To highlight key “seeds 4 growth” from his book, Mark is prepared to speak on the following topics that can be customized to your specific audience:

  • Unpacking his ‘revolutionary’ 4 LEAF Growth model based upon the integration of 4 purposeful growth processes (Leadership, Engagement, Accountability & Fulfillment).
  • Finding your purpose by starting with WHO you “serve” (as opposed to Why) to create a model for Servant Leadership to take root.
  • How to “Get the FUDD out!” — ways to overcome the mindset barriers of Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt & Delay in growing into your life’s purpose with complete clarity and confidence.
  • How to grow beyond leadership to leave a living legacy by “paying it backward” — helping others along their growth journey in ways that make a positive, lasting impact on the world.

The Purposeful Growth Revolution is ON!  Are You IN?

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Today we are facing the “The Great Resignation.” People are resigning from the workforce or, possibly worse, resigning themselves to an unsatisfying status quo and being disengaged at work. They’ve quit…but stayed. Neither outcome is “great.”

Mark Mears prefers to redefine this time as “The Great Repurposing”-an opportunity to unleash the awesome power of Purposeful Growth to become not only great leaders, but legacy builders.

In The Purposeful Growth Revolution, Mears provides a wealth of personal experiences as a C-Suite executive, relevant examples of best practices, scientific research, and insights from subject matter experts to unveil his revolutionary 4 LEAF GROWTH model.

Mears believes each season of life represents an opportunity for purposeful growth through development, transformation, harvest, and regeneration that can be applied to enrich the quality and value of our life’s work.

In his talk, you will learn 4 integrated ways to help individuals, teams, and organizations find purpose, fulfill their true growth potential, and leave a living legacy. The result will be Purposeful GrowthPurposeful SelfPurposeful Work, and a Purposeful Life.

Mears combines a unique C-level “insider’s” perspective with an engaging, storytelling style to bring his purposeful growth process to life so new growth can take root in any season.

The Purposeful Growth Revolution is ON… Are You IN?

It’s time to get GROWING!