Kelsey Tainsh

I’m not limping. That’s Swagger!

Kelsey Tainsh has been through more in her 27 years than most will endure in a lifetime. Successfully overcoming a brain tumor at only 5 years of age, Kelsey went on to be a happy, healthy kid and a champion athlete. 10 years later, at 15, it all came crashing down when the tumor returned followed by a crippling stroke. Her friends had disappeared, her right side didn’t function and she became paralyzed with fear and self-doubt.  Despite her significant physical challenges, she worked hard to pull herself up and charged back into life graduating magna cum laude from the University of Florida and going on to work for one of the most recognized companies in the world.

Today, this remarkable young woman has become a champion for the rest of us. An acclaimed professional speaker, Kelsey travels the country speaking to colleges, organizations and corporations about the power of persistence and perspective. Her clients include:  The Coca-Cola Company, Harvard Medical School, Automotive Training Institute, Society For Pediatric Anesthesia, INBOUND, HubSpot and more.

Kelsey Tainsh has also been featured in BYOU Magazine, Coca-Cola Journey, the Orlando Sentinel, Our Town Magazine and Home Magazine and National Speaker’s Association (NSA) Speaker Magazine.



I’m Not Limping. That’s Swagger!

How shifting your perspective can dramatically boost your potential.

More than ever, organizations and their employees are facing increased stress from constant change, competition and disruption. But 27 year-old stroke survivor Kelsey Tainsh will remind you that your worst day is better than the best day for billions around the world. Armed with her quirky sense of humor, engaging stories and relevant message, Kelsey helps organizations and their people gain the perspective needed to overcome any challenge in their life and in their work. Audiences walk away with a resilient new mindset and a fresh appreciation for the gift of work, accomplishment and the relationships we all share.

Pockets: What They Hold, What They Hide

As children and students, sometimes it seems that if we don’t fit in, we stand out. So, we tend to hide our secrets, differences and challenges in our pockets to prevent from being bullied. By the age of 15, Kelsey Tainsh had survived two bouts with cancer and a life-changing stroke.  She has spent the past 10 years learning how to cope with the daily challenges of accepting her new “normal.”  In her pocket, she can both hold and hide her secret.  Today, she proudly shares it with you and wants to know, “What secrets are you hiding in your pocket?” The key to changing student’s lives lies in teaching and helping them to share and embrace their differences, and the uniqueness of others. This highly inspirational program is the first important step