Meridith Alexander

The Sky is the Limit — The Power of Deliberate Mindset to Create Extraordinary Results. Energize your team with the strategies that proved mightier than a crushing boulder.

Can your team thrive in the midst of formidable adversity? Can your team stay positively focused and empowered when surrounded by unexpected chaos and change? Is your team’s mindset wired for success? Do your team members possess unshakable resilience when faced with their own individual setbacks and crises? The answer should be a resounding yes! At the heart of every epic company is a collection of very diverse and unique individuals, each with their own compelling story.

“My goal is to inspire each individual to see the potential within their own adversity — and to realize that when all of these stories come together in the context of one company, one unified vision, the sky is the limit — and sometimes the limit is just the beginning.”

Meridith is a rising star in the keynote industry, one of the rare speakers who is gifted with the ability to not only convey a empowering message but to create an experience that attendees will remember for a lifetime.

Meridith currently runs two successful businesses while being a 24/7 caregiver for her 25 year old daughter who was randomly crushed by a boulder at the age of only 22. Using her own motivational story, Meridith inspires audiences to understand that there is a way to wake up every morning LOVING your life…loving your job, loving your world and even loving your challenges.

Your team’s passion and level of engagement directly corresponds to the level of personal empowerment each team member feels. When each member believes that they have something unique and powerful to contribute, the results are massive.

Happiness is quickly being recognized as the key to amplified peak performance and to accelerating profits. Companies who ignore the power of their team’s mindset risk being left behind.

Research shows that teams grounded in a powerful positive mindset perform 30% better than teams with a more negative perspective. Research also shows that costly performance issues like depression, anxiety and overwhelm are costing companies billions.

So why would we continue to hold onto an outdated mindset that no longer serves us and no longer serves our businesses?

Energize and inspire your team to accelerate to a level of peak performance and fulfillment with best-selling author Meridith Alexander’s captivating journey.

Meridith Alexander loves training teams how to effectively unleash the most powerful resource in the world — an empowered, deliberately positive mindset.

Against formidable odds, Meridith transformed the tragic strike of a boulder into a powerful triumph. Meridith’s innovative training system and passionate delivery of her own motivational story entertains and mesmerizes all who hear it.

Meridith leaves the listener with tangible systems and strategies for:

  • overcoming formidable obstacles, adversity even fear
  • unleashing each team member’s unique greatness, purpose and passion
  • finding unity in the midst of crisis and change so that teams can achieve extraordinary outcomes with an unshakable, empowered mindset
  • ramping up your team’s GRIT mindset so that obstacles become opportunities and “failures” become simply another form of feedback
  • embracing your own stories/challenges proudly so that you can create more powerful experiences that can ignite your own fire and serve others

Outcomes include:

  • Emboldened individual and team mindsets that can fearlessly tackle change and uncertainty, even finding joy in the midst of adversity
  • Up to 30% increased sales, productivity and employee retention thanks to an egaged team with the tools to create more emboldened lives at work and at home
  • More positively charged work culture with fewer lost work days and less drama/ more LAUGHTER
  • Increased innovation inspired by more inspired ideas, better listening skills and a revitalized “yes, can do” culture

Meridith Alexander spent a decade in the restaurant industry, working in two of NYC’s top restaurants where she waited on celebrities including Madonna, Sean Penn, Dolly Parton, Liza Minelli, Andy Warhol and more. She launched her own jewelry line which was featured in Bloomingdales and elite boutiques from coast to coast.

What began as a consulting position for marketing and promotion evolved into Meridith becoming a full-time agent for the performing arts. Meridith ultimately opened her own agency where she continues to write millions of dollars in sales every season. In this extraordinarily competitive field, she trains artists to unlock their own “greatness” mindset so that they can win bookings all around the world.

In 2016, Meridith came face to face with the ultimate challenge. No training or elite education could have prepared her for what lay ahead. Her youngest daughter was crushed by a boulder while on a trip to South America and was not expected to survive.

Meridith had immersed herself in the personal development field for decades, focusing on some of the best strategies in mindset and resilience. Not content to stand by powerless as her daughter fought for her life, Meridith committed to playing and winning this inner game.

Meridith’s energizing and positively focused updates on social media quickly inspired thousands. Readers around the world followed their empowering story in awe and watched as Schuyler defied textbook “reality” and managed to survive.

Today, Meridith is recognized as an expert on the power of a deliberately positve mindset. Her book THE SKY IS THE LIMIT hit the #1 new release on Amazon the night that it was released. Meridith’s story has been featured by major media sources around the world. Meridith is one of the featured contributors for the new #BossBabe global site for ambitious professional Millennial women.

Meridith is passionate about delivering results that stick so in addition to keynote sessions, Meridith offers a variety of breakout, outreach  and deep dive intensive options including online immersion webinars and retreats. Meridith is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming as well as Gamification through Success Resources.  Meridith is an alumni of Phillips Exeter Academy and Georgetown University.

A portion of the proceeds from Meridith’s speaking engagements go to the ICU at Hospital Manuela Beltran in Soccorro, Colombia where Schuyler was initially transported.

GAMIFICATION: Gamification breakouts are a great way to augment the motivational aspect of a key note with the laughter and excitement of a playfully competitive environment. The games do have fun prizes like the jaw-dropping “Trophy of Awesomeness” , “Crown of Boldaciousness” and the “Go Get a Broom” awards. It’s a super entertaining way to learn important lessons about thinking outside of the box, leadership, overcoming adversity, team building  and overcoming adversity while diving into the realm of full out play.

Meredith Alexander

Peak Performance



Format: ​45-60 minute Keynote with the potential to customize additional deep-dive intensives, learning experientials and breakout sessions for more permanent pattern adjustment and learning

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Senior Managers
  • Teams Struggling With Constant Change
  • Managers of Underperforming Sales Group
  • Teams Struggling With Employee Engagement
  • Teams Desiring Accelerated Growth

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Teams will learn specific strategies to transform obstacles into opportunities even in the midst of incredible challenge
  • Team members will leave with techniques that will lead to accelerated growth and 20% or more increase in sales
  • Leaders will come away with the tools to replace self-sabotage with motivation
  • Teams will come away with an energized perspective on the value and potential of their team.

Even super achieving, high performers can feel like they have to be superhuman in order to thrive in this ever-changing world of obstacles, overwhelm and uncertainty.

So what’s the answer? Can we actually use stress to create rocket fuel for powerful results?

In a style that is both captivating and motivational, Meridith trains businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals that it’s not “in spite of” the crushing boulders that we succeed. It’s precisely “thanks to” these boulders that we learn how high we can soar.

By understanding why our mindset matters and how our stories impact our outcomes, we find ourselves suddenly capable of processing “impossible challenges” as opportunities rather than obstacles. We then find ourselves opening doors, creating solutions and unleashing results that had seemed unachievable in a previous mindset.

audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing


Format: ​45-60 minute keynote

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Restaurant, hospitality, service oriented leaders
  • Teams struggling with employee retention and engagement
  • Managers struggling with work culture morale

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Leaders will leave fired up about igniting their team’s potential to achieve accelerated growth
  • Teams will leave with a fresh new perspective on the powerful legacy they can leave on their company and potentially the world
  • Teams will walk away with a new appreciation of how powerfully their mindset impacts their work culture and every aspect of their lives.
  • Teams will leave with tangible strategies to direct their inner narrative in a way that sets them up for a new level of success, more enthusiasm in the work culture and a spike in sales.

Before we can win “the outer game”, we have to learn to win “the inner game”. Having a true impact isn’t based on how others see us. It’s how we choose to see ourselves. Using her own story as a powerful catalyst for unleashing each individual’s unique Greatness, Meridith motivates audiences to face their own “insurmountable” boulders from an empowered expectation of success.

Meridith’s 3-Step formula for unleashing each team member’s own powerful GRIT Mindset (Greatness, Resilience, Intention and Transformation) leaves audiences eager to transform their own internal narrative – and potentially the world.

Meridith trains audiences to understand the infinite potential that businesses unleash when they understand that today’s business IS INTENDED to be PERSONAL. Consumers are demanding to see more from the people behind the curtain and employees are now demanding a work culture that allows them to be heard.

In a style that is both captivating and motivational, Meridith trains businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals that it’s not “in spite of” the crushing boulders that we succeed. It’s precisely “thanks to” these boulders that we learn how high we can soar.

inspirational / life-changing audience activity educational / informative


Format: ​Half-day and full day options with Keynote, deep dive intensives, break-out, experientials and gamification options that are customized to the client based on budget and desired outcomes

This program is perfect for:
​Senior Management
Teams Struggling with Pressure, Retention, Unity and Engagement Issues
Teams Desiring to Have a Better System for Dealing With and Supporting Individual Employee Mental Health
Leadership that is ready to take results to the next level by setting up their own mindset for success

The audience will leave with:

  • ​– Participants will leave with a rewired mindset that now knows how to create an inner narrative honed for optimum results.
  • — Participants will learn that the most powerful stories are not those that we share with clients but those which we share with ourselves.
  • –Participants will learn how to use the power of words to impact their tangible results.
  • –Participants will develop a tangible set of rituals and strategies to empower them not only on a daily basis but when faced with uncertainty and the unexpected.
  • –Participants will leave with a rekindled sense of purpose, passion and motivation to face all adversity as opportunity for growth and advancement.

What if your team faced one of the most difficult challenges in the company’s history? What if the outcome of this challenge meant either overwhelming chaos or a level of success beyond anything that anyone had ever dreamed? Would you want your team to face this challenge with overwhelm and anxiety or with the mindset that success is inevitable? That’s it just a matter of finding the solution that works?

Our leaders’ and team members’ mindsets tangibly impact the outcome. We cannot find what we do not expect to see. The power of our inner narrative is immense. It can work as our own “worst enemy” or it can lead us through waters that some would say cannot be navigated.

Meridith’s innovative training system and passionate delivery of her own story entertains and mesmerizes all who hear it. In addition to the captivating details of how this system was put to such an extreme test in her own life, Meridith leaves the listener with tangible systems and strategies that can accelerate their own success and amplify the extraordinary results in their own life.

THE EMBOULDEN EXPERIENTIAL delivers the full spectrum to your team: morning rituals, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, the power of words/stories/perspectives, the gift of “failure”/adveristy and more.

With the option of adding on web-support follow-up, Meridith’s clients see lasting results. Said one client during the first month following the EMBOULDEN program, “I am so excited to see how things continue to grow and develop. I have made so much progress towards being the person that I want to be and I am so proud of how far I have come. I am happier at work and at home. I wouldn’t have believed it. I wish that I had found you years ago!”


This program is perfect for:

​Leaders struggling with change, obstacles and uncertainty
Teams facing struggling work culture and team member apathy/distraction
Teams facing sluggish sales due to overwhelm, anxiety, constant change, personal issues.
Teams ready to gain a new level of personal empowerment so that they can unify to create dramatically improved results.

In addition to the outcomes listed above for the EMBOULDEN EXPERIENTIAL, the audience who also experiences the gamification element will leave with:

  • Participants will have enjoyed the challenge of the games yet they will leave with a new appreciation of their own perspectives on leadership, creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Participants will gain a greater appreciation for diversity/ alternate perspectives within their team.
audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing technical / specific


Format: ​45-60 minute Keynote

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Teams suffering from drama, overwhelm, grief, anxiety, lack of purpose/passion and obstacles
  • Teams that desire a personal empowerment system that will leave them more empowered to create a happier, more fulfilling life
  • Teams facing constant change and burnout that desire specific strategies for creating a bullet-proof positively focused attitude
  • Audiences who feel “stuck” or “beaten” and who seek motivation, inspiration and strategies for self-empowerment in the midst of crisis, depression and adversity.

The audience will leave with:

  • Audiences will leave feeling inspired to look at their own obstacles from a new perspective and to identify the opportunities created by this adversity
  • Audiences will learn tangible strategies to transform their inner narrative from their own “worst enemy” into an empowered ally
  • Audiences will see evidence of the ability of human spirit to triumph over even the most formidable obstacles and adversity
  • Audiences will learn how an expectation founded in hope can lead to powerful (and often unexpected) results

It’s not “in spite of” the crushing boulders that we face that we succeed. It’s precisely “thanks to” these boulders that we learn just how high we can soar.

In a style that is both captivating and motivational, Meridith takes audiences on an inspirational journey back to 2016 when the sudden strike of a boulder crushed her daughter, leaving her facing certain death.  Filled with all sorts of awe-inspiring twists and turns, Meridith shares how this journey came into their lives not as a powerful lesson in how to face death. This boulder came into their lives as a powerful lesson on how to choose to live.

By understanding why our mindset matters and how our stories impact our outcomes, we find ourselves suddenly capable of processing “impossible challenges” as opportunities rather than obstacles. We find that even in the midst of terror and despair, we do have a choice about what we will make these challenges mean. As we discover our own power to direct this inner game, we then find ourselves opening doors, creating solutions and unleashing results that had seemed unachievable or in some cases even “impossible”.

An unforgettable hour of inspiration, self empowerment and motivation that leaves the listener feeling revitalized and ready to fully live.

audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing


Format: ​45-60 Minute Keynote with option to expand to half day event with breakouts and deep dive intensives

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Management teams, Assistant Managers, Sales Teams
  • Teams struggling with change, consistency, obstacles and focus
  • Teams with Influx of New Faces
  • Teams struggleing with employee retention and turnover
  • Teams facing an extended grotwh plateau and eroding culture

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Renewed enthusiasm for and appreciation of the organization’s core vlaues, purpose and potential impact/long-term legacy
  • Alignment of the company core values with personal values to create a rocket fuel of potential both individually and as a corporation
  • A powerful call to action to leave this event with the commitment to make a positive impact in their own lives and also as valuable ambassadors of the company’s biggest “whys” out in the world in general
  • a revitalized perspective of how to create the “bucket list” moments within our time at work while embracing accountability, appreciating obstacles as opportunities and while encouraging a climate of greatness within the team concept.

Your team members’ bucket lists have the potential to directly translate into more profits today.

Each team member’s bucket list holds some powerful “secrets” about what motivates and inspires them to produce and feel fulfilled.

Why do some team members want to jump from a plane while others hope to spend a month in a monastery in Nepal?

Those answers hold powerful clues about what motivates our teams.

The most successful businesses have a powerful and clear “Why”. Clarity is power. When team members understand the “why” behind the company, productivity increases.

When team members understand how the company’s “why” corresponds with their own personal bucket lists, that’s when the magic happens.

This session not only inspires participants but it delivers tangible, strategic tools for clarifying personal goals in a way that translates directly to their work within the team.

Team members learn how to incorporate the motivating factors behind their bucket list into their daily regimen.

When team members understand their value and purpose within the team, employee retention, productivity and satisfaction goes up dramatically — which of course then powerfully impacts the bottom line.

This program can be tailored to any industry and can be combined easily with deep dive intensives, gamification and breakout sessions.

audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing