Rachel Sheerin

Find your joy and energize your life.

Rachel Sheerin is an award-winning keynote speaker and emcee who is on a personal mission to help people be happy at work and in life!

A Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Rachel was named Speaker of the Year by NACE and is an active member of MPI – Meeting Professionals International. You may have seen Rachel featured in Inc Magazine for her keynotes or on the TEDx stage. 

Delivering her signature style of motivation, humor and authenticity, audiences are transformed and recharged while her strategies, stories and heart. What makes Rachel connect is the fact that she has been on both sides of business – sales and operations. She’s built multi-million dollar sales teams for organizations that want to grow profits and boost happiness and trained operations teams that want to influence their sales teams to work better together.

She’s also burned out, failed and ruined her career a couple of times – which makes her messages of burnout prevention, happiness and success sincere, impactful and hilarious. With a strong dash of vulnerability, Rachel meets audiences where they are and with her background in meetings and events, gives planners and executives the 5-star surveys they want most.

With Fortune 500 clients such as The Ritz Carlton, WAL-MART, National Associations in Healthcare and Banking, Hilton, Berkshire Hathaway and many more, Rachel’s been on stages from Spain to Seattle, Ballrooms to Zoom Rooms as a keynote speaker and event host/emcee for events that want the energy, engagement and inclusivity she brings.

Rachel’s continued research and motivational content around burnout, happiness and success can be seen regularly on her LinkedIn profile and read in her upcoming book, BETTER (July 2023, Hawthorn Road Press).

Rachel is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Women in Events and takes her margaritas on the rocks.

Personal Development
Corporate Culture



We’ve all heard the old advice about sales: Ask questions. Follow up, follow up, follow up. Always be closing.

But in today’s fast-faced world, the foundation all sales has to be built trust – and that starts with being the most authentic version of yourself.

This high-energy keynote is aimed at helping you wave your freak flag while closing more deals than ever before. Delivering real-world sales takeaways that you can implement in your emails, daily business and life in 60 seconds or less, you will walk away with tangible takeaways to kick up your success and happiness!

After this high-energy, humor-filled session, you’ll walk away feeling 110% ready to showcase the best and most unique sides of yourself to clients, teammembers and the world! 

During this session, attendees will:

  • Learn how to shrug off all the pressures they’ve collected in their lives and break free from the “shoulds” and “have to’s” in their mind

  • Be able to identify and embrace what makes them unique, energized and fearless in their work and personal life – and use it to sell + grow their career in ways they love

  • Know how to stand in their own awesomeness and how to use it to attract clients who rave about them, teams that admire them and relationships that are full of love and joy.