Our RedPropeller team would like to share with you some speaker topics that can help your employees and improve your business as we move through the COVID-19 crisis. They are available for webinars, Zoom meetings and Live stream/virtual keynote presentations. We’re all in this together. These speakers can help make sense of it all.

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Michael Tchong – Negotiating the Coronavirus Trend and Sparking Innovation

Are the remarkable changes the Novel Coronavirus has ushered in worthy of an Ubertrend? If they’re permanent, yes. Michael tackles the many questions remaining about this sudden, virulent pandemic.

Penny Zenker – Accelerate productivity, Working from home

Hear great strategies for staying productive from your couch.

Daniel Burrus – Covid-19 Uncertainties: You have more control than you realize

Get actionable strategies for seeing invisible opportunities and solving seemingly impossible problems during this unprecedented time.

Brian Biro – Breakthrough leadership

Breakthrough Leadership ignites every participant to control their controllables…to focus on what they CAN do to make the most of every day and every window of opportunity.

Donna Hartley – Fire up your life! The power of inner leadership

Come to understand the reason for paradigm shifts in our lives in this powerful message of one woman’s experience surviving a plane crash, cancer, and open heart surgery and how that understanding alters how you look at life.

Amy Vetter – Working at home without going crazy: How to stay happy, connected and productive

Learn how to mindfully use technology to authentically connect with others. You’ll get easy-to-use practices on staying productive when working at home, and proven techniques for decreasing stress and cultivating a sense of gratitude even in tumultuous times.

Hank Moore – Business recovery after COVID-19

Uncertainty in the world makes wise information and strategies even more important. Hank Moore is a leading authority on business strategies, turnarounds and crisis aftermath.

Steve Gilliland – How to focus on hope, encouragement and solidarity

The virus may change our business landscape and the culture of many organizations. Steve will help you prepare for that change through a message of hope, encouragement, solidarity, and how to emerge stronger from this unexpected and challenging situation.

Ben Nemtin – Resilience in the face of uncertainty, Five steps to make the impossible possible

Ben’s ‘Mental Health Toolkit’ offers 12 easy to implement practices that increase wellbeing during times of stress, anxiety and burnout. He’ll leave you with proof that small acts of service can create and incredible impacts in your organization and community.

Bruce Turkel – How to communicate during the coronavirus crisis

It’s more important than ever for your brand to have a clear voice. Learn how to clearly and actively communicate with your stakeholders during a crisis.

Dr. Karen Jacobson – Finding your center: Leading through crisis and chaos

With teams scattered and working from home, synchrony is of utmost importance. Learn how to bring all your remote pieces together.

Ashley Fox – 10 things to do in the new normal

Ashley Fox is one of the NFL’s most well-respected journalists and a trailblazer in the ego-infused world of sports media.She knows a lot about staying nimble and flexible to handle what life throws at you.

Pandit Dasa – Mindfulness for managing stress and staying positive

Staying centered around mindfulness is especially important right now. Learn how to stay mindfulness in turbulent times.

Laura Schwartz – Prepared for partnership

Laura’s series is centered on being “prepared for partnership” while turning the “optional into opportunity,” because as Laura reminds us all, “You ever know when the next conversation will be the conversation to change your life or that of someone else!”

Scott Steinberg – Make change work for you!

As you’re aware, in challenging times, it’s especially important to exercise resourcefulness, ingenuity and maintain a sense of human connection. Get tools to help you emerge stronger and more resilient from times of challenge.

Marcey Rader – Work well remote: effective techniques for working from home

Successfully working from home is about more than an ergonomic chair and keyboard. Get tips to make working from home easy.

Kelly McDonald – How to work with and lead people not like you, Key macro trends to leverage now

Leading during a crisis takes a deft hand. Get the skills and tools it takes to lead your organization and team through this crisis.

Gaurav Bhalla – Maximizing performance in this time of unexpected complexity

COVID-19 is a human and economic tragedy. Regardless of which scenario unfold – quick recovery or prolonged slowdown – leadership and businesses must respond. They have no option but to maximize their performance.

Curt Steinhorst – Training and tools to create focused teams and organizations that thrive

Learn tips to help your organization have greater focus and productivity when working at home.

David Rominelli – Calm minds for anxious times

Life feels out of control, uncertain, and uncomfortable. Lift and engage your organization to stay focused, healthy, and reduce stress at a time when everyone needs it the most.

Chip Bell – Why customers panic and what you can do about it

Bell reveals the best practices from organizations leading in customer loyalty, giving powerful cutting-edge ideas and strategies.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo – The head coach for happiness

Clinical psychologist to stars like Shaquille O’Neal, she can help you free your inner critic and set goals now.

Maja Kazazic – During the genocide, Maja learned the importance of positivity, resilience, team work and overcoming obstacles. This helped her to achieve great success as an entrepreneur, athlete and as a person in general. In today’s economy it’s crucial for corporations to build a loyal and effective workforce which is motivated and adds value to the company, while individuals achieve their personal goals

Risha Grant – Don’t Allow Social Distancing to Become your BS

Whether implicit or conscious, bias is the number one threat to humanity and any company’s success. If your company’s goal is to create cohesiveness within your organization, increase revenue, be innovative and/or elevate your reputation- the bias in your workforce and community is a roadblock.

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