Steven Iwersen

You’re leading people, not change! Inspire them to be champions in the midst of the transitions and to achieve success while working through the conflicts.

Steven Iwersen is a leader.  He helps organizations develop a stronger leadership core and culture.  He is a Keynote Speaker that has a tremendous ability to connect with the individual as well as the entire audience.  Humorous, thought-provoking, and personal.

He presents a fast-moving and entertaining program on how to work with uncooperative people.  The subject of conflict management has never been more relevant and exciting! Steven is the author of The Porcupine Principles! How to Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes – a leadership fable.

Steven breaks through the usual with the unexpected, inspires and involves the audience.  He speaks at conventions, conferences and in private training events for corporate, government and association clients.

He is the founder of Aurora Pointe, LLC, a speaking and leadership development firm.  He moved into the speaking and coaching business after 25 years in leadership roles ranging from not-for-profit organizations and business.  His background includes responsibilities in the retirement living industry, business news, and the ministry.  He knows the joys of building highly motivated teams and the agony of working with grumpy people.

Steven was the 2015-16 Co-Host for the Voices of Experience (an audio/video magazine for the National Speakers Association). He was the 2012-13 Chair of the NSA Chapter Leadership Council.  He received the NSA Presidents Award of Distinguished Service in 2013.  He has served as the President of the NSA-Kansas City chapter. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Chambers of Commerce in La Mirada, CA; Nampa, ID and Ottawa, KS, all of which have included executive positions including President of the Board.

He is an entertainer.  He is a vocalist with a Big Band, singing the standards from the Sinatra era when his travel schedule allows.

Steven is the proud dad of three boys and now a grandfather to five adorable girls and two amazing grandsons.  He lives in the Kansas City area with his wife, Brandy, where they enjoy great Jazz music and the world’s best BBQ.

Difficult People
Personal Development




Organizations and individuals that thrive in a season of disruption do so based on a mindset, a methodology, and the right motive. That combination of intention and implementation is what Steven calls the C.H.A.O.S. Code.

Regardless of the type of disruption you encounter – innovation, competition, quarantines, or complacency – your capacity to win is determined by your ability to lead the way through the inevitable changes.
Steven’s keynote teaches a practical model based on his personal leadership experience and his research of champions in business, non-profits, churches, sports teams, and even the World Champion Porcupine Race winners.

This program will:

  • Reveal the strategy for creating a Championship Performance.
  • Uncover opportunities for authentic growth.
  • Inspire your team to overcome setbacks.
  • Help create a positive culture that people will embrace and others will emulate.

Your chaos is the catalyst for your next opportunity.

In a fun and entertaining style, Steven shares stories, ideas, and principles that will help people overcome their fear of change and discover the courage to develop their greatest potential.


Based on the World Famous Porcupine Races, audiences and organizations throughout the United States have laughed and learned from this highly engaging presentation about a subject no one wants to talk about:


Specifically, the conflict that exists because of Prickly People.

Everyone has a prickly person in their life or in the workplace. And everyone is asking the same questions: How do we handle those moments when we encounter an uncooperative, grumpy person? What do we do when there are differing opinions? Is there a way to a successful outcome when a person on the team is resistant to change?

During LEADING THE RELUCTANT Keynote Experience, Steven leads you on an adventure of discovery that reveals:

  • What causes people to get cranky or uncooperative
  • How one essential principle can build trust and improve collaboration
  • A strategy that creates enormous potential to overcome conflict before it happens
  • How to help everyone on your team focus on the possibilities, not the negatives
  • The two decisions that can change the outcome of almost every conflict
  • How to use limitations to create the freedom everyone needs to win!

This presentation provides a perspective for communicating and building trust during uncomfortable times of change. You can lead others to shared success without getting stuck!

If you are having a meeting with organizational leaders, top performers, or anyone who needs a new perspective in the midst of change, talk to us about how Steven can help.

* The Book – “The Porcupine Principles! How To Move Prickly People to Preferred Outcomes” is the best resource to accompany this presentation.


Communication issues? No Problem! Team conflicts? Sure, but not terminal. Difficult people? Probably not difficult, just different!

Let’s Get To The Point: simply acknowledging that we have different personalities and ways of working doesn’t make for better teams.  Our ability to get along, communicate, respect and compliment instead of competing, is the mix needed for healthy relationships – at work and at home. The strength of your team depends on their ability to appreciate and work with those many differences.

Personality Jazz takes you into the exciting realm of personal styles and reveals the secret of working in rhythm with others. You will discover a new understanding of personalities from the world of Jazz! Personality Jazz explores the core principles and outcomes of:

  • Listening to Each Other
  • Playing Off of Each Other’s Strengths
  • Working Out The Process

Meeting Planners: Your audience will have a refreshing perspective about the significance of their personal strengths, a new appreciation for the contribution of others, the reasons for interpersonal conflict, and how to get better results through intentional communication.

Steven is an exceptional facilitator and leads the group through a fast-paced personal assessment and group dialogue – culminating in quickly identified action plans that both individuals and groups can implement in their work environment.