Leave mediocrity at the door. For your next event, bring in EXCEPTIONAL. Let Annie Meehan show your organization how achieving Exceptional results (exceeding goals, increasing performance and exceeding customer expectations) lead to enormous rewards (trusted leadership, repeat business and promotions).

Annie Meehan is committed to transforming achievement from good to great by teaching people to rewrite their excuses into successful accomplishments. As an expert on living an Exceptional life, Annie will motivate, inspire, and activate your audience to remove the road blocks that stand in the way.

Annie provides actionable strategies to manage change, recognize the power of words in customer/employee experience, and eliminate excuses that keep people from attaining their goals. Her passion and engaging presence inspire people to take action.



Annie shares about hope, opportunity, and believing we are all extraordinary. In this presentation you will discover:

  • Intentional Living – How to set an intention in the morning
  • Make it happen – It’s not magic
  • Purpose – Finding your why
  • Adaptability – How to deal with change
  • Commitment – How to stay the course
  • Tools – What is in your toolbox?

It’s still true: leadership is still leadership and leaders affect others through influence. To enlarge your sphere of influence you must push yourself to grow and to learn. In her purpose-to-impact message, Annie teaches about being purpose-driven, intentional, and adaptable to change with an easy 6-point format. In today’s marketplace, the path to success and business growth is through the engagement level of your team.


Be the Exception is the name of my new Book, It is a Keynote, It is a movement, It is a way of life. Are you ready to be the Exception? Transform your Career, Your Business, Your Sales, Your Team, Your Relationships, Your Health, Your LIfe?

Be Honest Know your truth and how honoring it changes everything
Be Open Who can you mentor; who could mentor you?
Be Healthy What is true self-care and why does making time for it matter?
Be Flexible Are you open to, do you choose and do you chase change?
Be Gentle How do keep your strengths in perspective
Be Courageous Taking risks, setting goals and going for it!
Be Authentic Be the best one and only YOU. Learn how comparisons don’t serve you.

Comparisons, Labels, Shattered Confidence. These hidden traps and struggles keep us from being Real. Keep us from being Successful. Keep us from being Exceptional! The gift of resilience and overcoming life’s circumstances is Annie’s story. This gift allowed her to escape the cycles of negativity and transform into the successful influencer that she is today. In this keynote your audience will uncover the 7 Steps to Transformation that are MUST have strategies to become Authentic, a Confident leader, and live a truly Exceptional life.

The power of resilience, hope, and conviction in one’s life
The value of struggle that only the most successful professionals know
7 Transformational strategies to break cycles, remove labels, and become Exceptional (in sales, leadership, and life)
Become authentic and build a confident mindset


Annie shares her story about The Ride of a Lifetime. Annie shows, with her simple story, how a goal can be reached, how you can make an impact on others, and reaching further than you thought possible. What started out as a fun idea for Annie and her friend became one of her most challenging and exciting experiences in her life. After this presentation you will understand:

  • Reaching – How to land among the stars
  • Integrity – When to not let others stop you
  • Decisions – How to stick and stay
  • Encouragement – Where encouragement and expectations meet
  • Goal-setting is a basic business fundamental. Everyone knows how. Or do they? Effectively setting goals can leapfrog you ahead of your competitors. While taking you on a real-life ride of a lifetime, Annie will share her goal-setting successes by mapping out and creating the necessary steps to help you achieve success and maximize performance.


Annie will teach you simple, creative, and fun ways to make health and wellness a priority at work and at home each day. With small changes and adding a few easy tools, you can transform your body and energy over time.

There are times in our life when we need a crutch or a cane, but with Annie’s CANES you will be on your way to living a healthier year.

Commitments – How consistency over time equals commitment
Accountability – Who is your partner in this
Nutrition – WWH what when and how much
Exercise – Why moving today keeps you moving tomorrow
Supplementation, Stress & Sleep – How the 3 S’s impact your health
The concept of “wellness” is all the rage everywhere in social media. Yet success in a wellness lifestyle requires attention to much more than just food and movement (diet and exercise). Annie’s “CANES” philosophy represent 5 key lifestyle elements that contribute toward your overall health and well-being. Don’t make resolutions, create habits and achieve goals.


Are you ready to stop making excuses and start living your best life today? Annie uses personal experience and professional expertise to inspire you with her dynamic and interactive presentation. Her message will challenge you to consider abandoning your excuses and setting goals to live the life you imagine!

Eliminating Excuses
X-nayon the nay-say
Create meaningful connections
Understanding why
Serve, Self-fill
Expose Extraordinary
Stick to it


In these time of change how do we stay positive, do our part and look for the silver lining. I know a lot about fear, change and loss through it all I have been able to look back to find the silver lining and the lessons learned. If you or your company could use some encouragement, tools and ideas on how to get the most out of change without becoming overwhelmed I would love to inspire your group!