Did you always think you’d have more time if only you weren’t stuck in traffic or running here and there or juggling business meetings and kid’s appointments? Then COVID slowed your life to a crawl and you realized you still don’t have time to do what you want. You don’t need more time. You need time management.

Penny Zenker is business strategy coach and best-selling author with a gift of cutting through the clutter and helping organizations focus on the most important and relevant areas to sustainably grow their businesses. Penny’s expertise focuses on strategic thinking, leadership, problem-solving, communication, and productivity. She has coached hundreds of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in leadership roles, relationships, and building culture.


The Energy of Thought: Leadership starts with mindset and emotional intelligence

We have 70K thoughts a day and here is the kicker. Only 5% of those thoughts are new. That means we repeat the same thoughts over and over again. This program is about individual thought leadership.

Our thoughts effect our productivity. When we think unproductively that increases stress and shuts down creativity, innovation, effective leadership and closes of possibility.

Brining awareness to automatic responses through emotional intelligence and shift the energy of your thoughts, your words and actions to reduce stress, increase purpose and think more strategically.

Energy is Everything

Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy and it is also true that energy is everything. The Placebo effect proves that the energy of our thoughts impacts our biology. It is also true that the energy of our thought impacts the perception, mood and meaning of any event. Understand the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how you can reduce stress by shirting your energy of thought. Understand how this impacts your leadership, your customer service, your sales and your team work.

The Energy of your words shape your experience

Break into pairs to do a fun and powerful exercise to experience the power of your words, your actions and your thoughts that make up your personal energy. Following the exercise discuss HOW you show up for your time and the impact it has on your day to day individual and team experiences.

4 Strategies to Manage the Energy of Your Thoughts

Understand where stress comes from and how to eliminate and reduce it with 4 simple tricks and can be applied immediately to create greater productivity and enhance performance

The Productivity Zone: Stop the tug or war with time – A fresh look at time management

Make time work for you rather than against you? 59% of workers feel physically depleted, emotionally drained, and mentally distracted. Imagine what you could accomplish with a gain of 25% productivity without adding another work hour. It IS possible to gain greater focus, make more profits, and feel more balanced ALL at the same time.

The Productivity Zone is where efficiency and effective meet. Avoid underperforming and over functioning, unproductive behaviors that rob you of your productivity. In this workshop you will accelerate awareness, reset priorities, re-gain focus and create more space for thinking and acting more strategically.

Challenge your Relationship with Time

Time is out most precious commodity yet we consistently waste it or misuse it. Are you aware of your unconscious relationship and how that might be the very thing keeping you from reaching your goals faster or creating greater balance?

Manage Energy not Time

Break into groups to do a fun and powerful exercise to experience the power of our words, our actions and our thoughts that make up our personal energy. Following the exercise discuss HOW we show up for our time and the impact it has on our day to day individual and team experiences.

Identify Distractors

95% of people are interrupted over 5X per hour. Take an assessment and learn the 3 areas of distractions and where your greatest opportunities to immediately increase your productivity. Get ready to take some action. The group discusses best practice around phone and email use as a part of this section.

Understand the 10 drivers of Productivity

To get and stay in the productivity zone there are 10 fundamental or drivers of our productivity. Gain a practical tip for each one, including high level strategies for increasing motivation, implementing time blocking, prioritization methods and more. All Strategies will reduce stress and create greater success.

Accelerate Productive Communication: Accelerate leadership, customer service and innovation

When you are a Ninja they never see you coming. That is how you can manage and avoid conflict. Conflict and poor communication is the number one killer of productivity in the workplace. 53% of business leaders reported conflict as their greatest organizational challenge and studies show that managers spend approx. 40% of their dealing with these conflicts. Yikes! When not handled properly these conflicts can be toxic and spread throughout your organization.

Eliminate the drama, increase organizational trust and elevate engagement through through your 3 ninja moves to elevate your leadership skills. These moves boost engagement and collaboration, ignite creativity and increase productivity.

Thinking Outside of the Box: Innovation often requires out of the box thinking. Thinking outside the box is part of getting outside of your day-to-day thinking and thinking more strategically.
Innovative thinking is not just for product development and business growth, it also improves time managament, boosts productivity, enhancescustomer service, and creates. better leadership.

97% of managers think tactically because we are too busy to think differently. Often people don’t know where to start and no one is providing them with the guidance or skills.

Strategic thinking and thinking outside of the box are skills to be practiced.

Get the ball rolling in creating awareness and practicing these skills in a fun and interactive way.

Ownership and Accountability

A recent Gallup study showed that only 30% of the workforce is engaged. That is 70% of the workforce has checked out. Who or what is to blame? How much is it costing your organization? And most importantly what are you doing about it. This session focuses on strategies to revitalize engagement, accountability and productivity.

Leadership is about inspiring others to take ownership and connect with the mission of the organization and customers.

I share customer service and leadership stories that inspire people to see past the day to day challenges and connect with their higher mission and the people they are helping. combined with interactive exercises, and propriatary frameworks, leaders understand what is keeping them and their teams from greater engagement and accountability.