It’s been dark days the last few years. We’ve all struggled to stay on our path, finding each new challenge harder and harder to meet head on. Breeda Miller knows what you’re going through, and her powerful story and creative ideas can help recharge your light and prevent burnout.

An author, speaker and trainer, Breeda has used her professional experience serving health care organizations, corporations, nonprofit communities and academic institutions. Breeda’s knowledge and expertise came to her the hard way – she was a family caregiver for her mother for six years including hospice care in her home.

Her stories have been broadcast nationally on The Moth Story Hour on NPR and she serves as Artistic Director of the Big Hearts for Seniors fundraising event. A professional member of the National Speakers Association, she is also the Past President of the NSA Michigan Chapter. Through the power of story, audience interaction and warm-hearted humor, Breeda delivers strategies that make a difference.



Finding the light means many things. Light can be a sense of direction, purpose, light can mean light-hearted and humorous, light can be a lessening of a burden. Breeda’s key message for those needing to be uplifted and inspired is that ordinary experiences have the ability to provide an extraordinary moment of clarity. Through stories filled with warm-hearted humor and touching personal moments Breeda brings light and helps people remember that the light is within, we just need to look for it and remember.


If your team suffers from burn out, if stress and the lack of self-care are impacting your business then this program could be just what the doctor ordered. Your audience will leave with:
An understanding of the value of self-care and how it impacts their ability to care for others
Creative ideas to inspire them to proactively engage in self-care activities on a regular basis
A commitment to practice self-care
Strategies to enable them to Take a Break Before They Break
Team members will remember that Self Care is not Selfish, It is Survival