You’re feeling it right now. The pressure to deliver, to succeed, to just keep your head above water. This is trying times to be sure. Ex-Navy Seal Stephen Drum knows all about pressure, and he can deliver you the tools you need to help you achieve optimal performance in spite of it.

Stephen Drum is a combat-tested retired Navy SEAL Master Chief who has 27 years of experience leading and developing high-performance teams. As a and consultant, he helps individuals and organizations develop leadership and performance strategies so they can plan, prepare, and execute at the highest levels when it matters most.

Stephen has trained and led U.S. and foreign partner special operations forces on high-risk and strategically vital missions across the globe, including combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He recently co-developed and taught “Warrior Toughness” training for The U.S. Navy. This vital program fundamentally changed the culture of the Navy in how it trains and prepares young sailors and officers for the acute stress of intense combat operations.

During his Navy career, Stephen has personally trained thousands of elite military soldiers and Navy SEAL candidates, helping them succeed in severe training courses and overseas combat operations.


Performing on the X Using the Warrior Mindset to Meet All of Life’s Challenges
In the SEAL Teams, the X refers to the most critical and dangerous point of the operation: Fast roping from a helicopter to onto rooftop enemy building, a coordinated attack on an enemy compound or operating behind enemy lines. This is the point of NO RETURN where a SEAL must be at their best. No matter where and no matter the circumstance, it’s critical that SEALS perform at their best “on the X” in each of these moments.

While in the boardroom instead of the battlefield, it may not be life or death, but there are still critical moments where the pressure is on, and we absolutely need to bring our A-game. When the stakes are this high, we must be focused, resilient, and well prepared.

As the Co-Creator of The U.S. Navy Warrior Toughness program, Stephen teaches how the same techniques used by the Navy & SEAL operators can be applied to leading & developing high-performance teams in businesses as well to individuals in their personal and professional lives.

In this presentation, Stephen shares the performance psychology techniques and training methods used by the SEAL Teams and shows how it can easily be applied to any high-pressure business situation or personal event.

After you learn to Perform on the X, you and your teams will not only learn to face challenge and adversity with courage and resilience, but you’ll also learn concrete methods that will allow for: Increased Employee Engagement, Stronger Collaboration, High-Performance Under Pressure, Agility, Stress Management, Increased EQ, Proven Preparation and Rehearsal Methods for Important Events, Proven Team and Individual Lessons Learned Framework, Adaptability & Change Management.

Performing on the X Deep-Dive Workshop to Meet All of Life’s Challenges
Learn the framework process for preparing and executing in high-stakes or challenging situations which include: Commit, Prepare, Execute and Reflect. Learn critical stress management techniques for successfully responding to stressors in professional AND personal settings. Discuss goal planning and execution strategies for prioritizing and performing in a fluid and stressful environment. Learn and perform mindfulness and performance psychology skills for increased resilience and focus during stressful periods and situations.

Stories from the Battlefield
As a retired Navy SEAL senior leader with 27-years of service, Stephen Drum has had the honor of training, leading, and serving with some of the highest performing teams on the planet. In this program the audience will receive concrete takeaways while the emphasis is on entertaining through powerful storytelling and audience engagement.

Stephen will lead the audience through a roller coaster ride that captures the intensity of SEAL training and combat deployments, the emotions of service and commitment, all while delivered with humor and relatability. During the session, Stephen really enjoys providing the fun that comes from audience interaction and engagement with Q&A sessions.