Tim Gard


Energize, unite and inspire your attendees with a Hall of Fame tears-in-your-eyes-laugh-out-loud keynote speaker who teaches how to be more resilient and inspires employee enthusiasm and creativity.

The philosophy of “everything seems so serious, heavy and intense” is an unproductive one, and a truly unhealthy way to work and live. When stress and dysfunction need reduction, it’s time to get to know Tim Gard and discover how easy it is to change your perception and create a more positive reality for yourself,  your customers and coworkers.

Tim has spoken at over 2000 events worldwide from Texas to Tasmania and has consistently been rated as the top speaker at event after event over the last 20 years.  His down-to-earth style and real-life humor leaves a lasting impression your attendees will benefit from for years to come.

Tim’s skillful use of ordinary items in extraordinary ways, and extraordinary items in ordinary ways, helps us laugh everyday when facing challenges and stress.  He is one of the most popular keynote, main stage humorists on the platform today!

Tim started his career in Human Services as an Eligibility Worker and Investigator for the Food Stamp Program and worked as a management analysist with USDA Food and Nutrition Services.  He has experienced and overcome compassion fatigue first hand and his proven stress reduction techniques he shares on stage work regardless of your industry or status level.

As a business speaker, he directs leaders on how to enhance productivity and employee enthusiasm using his real-life humor stress diffusion tactics in common place situations. His messages are universal and always translate to diverse audiences, such as his Million Dollar Round Table, main stage, opening Keynote in front of 8000 people from 23 countries!

Tim Gard delivers an unforgettable experience that will serve to improve the quality of your interactions, as well as instill an enthusiasm for non-malicious mischief that no one should live without!

Tim does not make light of serious issues, instead he shines a light on unseen possibilities as solutions to those situations. He demonstrates how to be professional, yet light-hearted, with a down-to-earth style that leaves an impression for years to come.

With a doubt, Tim’s keynotes consistently deliver on these two promises:

1.  A hilarious shared experience AND
2.  Take home value that improves performance and workplace attitude.

An internationally recognized authority on stress reduction and conflict resolution, his easy-to-implement techniques provide audiences with effective ways to deal with, diffuse, and even avoid intensely stressful encounters.

He walks the talk when it comes to business, as he himself has been a successful business owner for more than 20 years.  Prior to this, he worked in the federal government, the sales industry, Human Services, as a fraud investigator, and is a navy veteran.

Author of Just Plane Funny, My Policy Manual, Motivational Leaders and Humor Me, he also offers his own line of “stress buster” toys and has appeared on TV talk shows.

For two decades Tim has solidified a reputation for consistently providing hilariously entertaining fast-paced and informative programs.

If you seek to transform or improve your business environment in a significantly positive way, the question you face now isn’t “Should I hire Tim?”…. It’s “WHY haven’t I hired Tim before?!

Tim Gard

Master of Ceremonies/Emcee



Tim’s 45 min to 3 hour Keynote Speech is as funny as it is inspiring and practical.

Audiences experience how anyone can develop and apply their Comic Vision™ to become more resourceful and resilient at work and in their personal lives.

Tim’s rejuvenating and immediately applicable message teaches audiences how to increase morale while enhancing productivity and everyday enthusiasm in three short, and easy to adopt, steps.

His unique yet practical ideas help people diffuse routine or extreme stress by insulating themselves against negativity.

He shows audiences how to “refresh and renew” themselves simply by using and sharing his techniques.

His terrifically funny, unique stories (and of course, extraordinary visual props) make this keynote address a hilarious way to start or close your meeting.

Tim custom tailors this program for your event, and he doesn’t make light of your serious situations, but rather, shines a light on them to reveal previously unseen possibilities.

educational / informative inspirational / life-changing humorous / funny


Although almost everyone will agree that humor can have a positive impact at work. As a strategic skill, it can act as a positive factor in communication, morale, and stress reduction.

However, if misused, it can have an equally negative effect.

You will ll explore how to steer clear of the negative or controversial humor that may become a source of problems and complaints by concentrating on humor that enhances (and never diminishes) work place culture to improve morale and customer service.

In this laughter-filled Leadership Program, you’ll discover how humor can help you powerfully deal with the challenges of an ever-changing workplace.

By applying a few simple precautions, you will see how making the farce be with you improves the environment for everyone.

Todays leaders are forced to do more with less; supervisors and managers are constantly tasked to inspire their troops to do more work with a fraction of the staffing and resources needed.

This program focuses on developing your own humor plan while defining what is permissible, and what is not, in your workplace. As a participant, you will take away:

  • knowledge of how to be a positive humor leader
  • key differences between leadership and authority
  • reasons why funny does not always equal appropriate.
  • ways to encourage good humor and discourage bad humor
  • benefits and potential pitfalls of using laughter and humor in business
  • ways to steer clear of the negative humor that can cause problems and complaints.

Ideal for both government and private business, this program’s easy and practical guidelines prevent negative humor in the workplace while allowing positive humor to strengthen communication and boost morale.

educational / informative inspirational / life-changing humorous / funny


Life is a game; business is a game; literally everything is a game that contains winners, losers and spectators.

Winners excel by intention and determination and losers suffer from making the choice to simply coast or dwell in a defeatist attitude.

Just one person can Change the Game for all players by simply applying easy to understand and hard to forget concepts that champions have been utilizing for years in sports, business and life in general.

A basic shift in perspective and approach can immediately change the playing experience for everyone in a multitude of real, tangible and valuable ways.

Using the game of marbles as a demonstrative example metaphor, Tim proves that tasks or challenges that have become unnecessarily overly-complicated can become surprisingly uncomplicated, FAST!

The pressure to accomplish more with less, meet tight deliverable deadline expectations and respond with professional promptness can create stress, team dysfunction and decreased morale.

The philosophy of “everything seems so serious, heavy and intense” is an unproductive one, and a truly unhealthy way to work and live. When stress and dysfunction need reduction, it’s time to “Change the Game”!

Tim personally consults with event coordinators prior to, and after, each event to ensure every participant receives a bag of marbles to take home as a reminder keepsake, to aid in the implementation of Change the Game tools, tactics, strategies, and ingrain the newly developed philosophy for overcoming what was previously perceived as impossible or unrealistic.

educational / informative inspirational / life-changing humorous / funny