What happens when you combine a world class athlete with a powerful motivator? You get an expert on Leadership and Peak Performance!

Alex Weber is an American Ninja Warrior, and Award-Winning Performer for NBC. He’s also a World Record Holder, Championship Athlete, and US Lacrosse Coach of the Year. Alex engages and connects with audiences because he knows what it’s like from both sides, as a Leader and High Performer.

Alex knows what it takes to overcome daunting challenges, hard failures, and even our own limits.

As a Competitor on NBC’s Emmy-nominated series American Ninja Warrior (revered as one of the most difficult competitions on earth), Alex transforms individuals by giving them his immediately actionable roadmap to embrace their challenges, overcome their obstacles, and nail their goals!

And as an Award-Winning Performer (NBC, Discovery Channel, FX, and more!), Alex engages audiences with his contagious energy, captivating storytelling, and busting humor to elevate the experience and make an impact that sticks with the audience long after they leave.

Alex is also one of the youngest Coaches to ever be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year, and as a Leader knows what it takes to not only rally the best of ourselves, but rally the best of our teams!

Alex’s greatest passion is giving his actionable System to audiences and seeing individuals, teams, and organizations experience this amazing transformation, break through their barriers, and reach their highest goals!



How are you leading yourself? Whether it’s seizing new initiatives, taking positive action, or handling adversity: How can you be at your best in the moments when you need it most – and others depend on you? Combining breakthrough lessons with vulnerably hilarious stories, Alex goes in depth on how you can burst past your limits, avoid dangerous pitfalls, and realize your potential to achieve at your highest level! You will be invigorated with a renewed commitment to blow past goals, confidence to achieve peak results, and a passionate fire to lead yourself forward to thrive!


Competing on NBC’s Emmy-nominated American Ninja Warrior, the World Championships of Lacrosse, and setting a first-ever World Record, Alex knows what it means to face fears, overcome obstacles, and embrace failing forward with passion, commitment, focus, and perseverance. More so, Alex knows how you can use failing forward to nail your goals! In this powerful, passionate, and hilarious keynote, Alex shares his blueprint method, tangible tools, and actionable strategies for facing your fears, overcoming your challenges, and embracing failing forward to achieve your success.


As a World Championship Athlete, successful Entrepreneur, and one of the youngest Coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year, Alex knows what it takes to inspire the best of a group, unite around a vision, and execute peak performance to achieve results. There are Leaders who check boxes, and then there are Leaders who ignite peak performance and surpass expectations. With an immediately actionable roadmap, Alex’s 5-Step BRICK BY BRICK System transforms audiences today! You can expect to unlock exponential growth, gain competitive ground, and leave with a reliable system to eradicate fear, overcome obstacles, and hyperdrive your success!