Looking for practical tools to become better leaders and transform your organization’s customer experience? John T. Kennedy can help.

John is a catalyst for change, growth and innovation, delivering accelerated results that offer clients total immersion into their culture, issues and interests.

His programs are tailored to directly target your organization’s unique needs. John has worked with all industries, local, state and federal government agencies and associations.



There is much truth to the statement “strength in numbers”. Building effective teams directly effects morale, retention, productivity and profitability.
Understand the four stages of team-building
Implement successful team communication strategies
Recognize four personalities that form a team
Resolve conflict without management involvement
Creatively problem solve challenges and issues
Establish performance standards for effective leadership
Implement an action plan for continuous success


In this day and age of corporate restructuring, having the right skills to maximize your time is essential for survival. We need to balance our work and family commitments without sacrificing the quality that both demand.
Separate the urgent from the important
Prioritize your work and your life
Utilize successful time management strategies that will place three weeks of your life back into your pocket each year!
Organize for optimal productivity in three simple steps
Set realistic, measurable goals for productive results
Deal with constant interruptions, phone calls and email
Utilize technology for efficiency and effectiveness
Manage multiple assignments without mistakes
Implement an action plan for continuous success


We have heard the phrase “born leader,” but have we heard the phrase “born manager”? Learn what it takes to be both, and what happens if you are only capable of one.
Earn trust, respect and credibility from your employees
Develop an environment with unwavering support
Implement the “prescription for success”
Chart the employee’s success with a five point checklist
Delegate with authority and insight
Motivate your employees with the “cannoli factor”
Understand the four levels of conflict
Communicate with confidence and composure
Follow through on discipline issues without fear
Take every employee at face value without judgment
Balance your responsibilities at work and home
Harness the knowledge of your team for unlimited potential
Implement an action plan for continuous success


The art of sales is exactly that…an art. There is a difference between being sold a product and the actual act of buying…great sales people know that difference and John Kennedy does, too!
Understand the sales process from prospecting to closing
Move from a transactional to transformational mindset
Determine key buying indicators as road maps to the close
Establish rapport and then respect in the negotiation arena
Incorporate integrity in every presentation and product
Manage your territory as if it was your family
Expand margins while increasing closing ratios