Ever wondered how your local sports team sells out their stadiums year after year, game after game with sometimes years long waiting lists for season tickets? Wouldn’t you love to be able to sell like that?

Bill Guertin is an expert sales professional, thought leader, author, speaker, and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of The 800-Pound Gorilla. His programs are in use in the ticket sales departments of over 100 professional sports teams throughout the US, Canada and Mexico

Bill is the leader of the “7 Voices” Movement, whose purpose is to hear, recognize, and minimize the effects of the negative Voices inside people’s heads and to implement simple strategies to make positivity a life choice every day.

He understands the pressure leaders at every level are facing, especially those in sales and marketing whose lives are in the midst of uncertainty, and brings simple strategies and tactics to improve their results.


In the “new normal” of 2020, the fear and anxiety levels of employees at every level has never been higher, with new doubts and insecurities about the future. How can people shut out the negativity and focus on the good and positive in the world?

In this engaging, charismatic program, Bill reveals the “Seven Voices” and simple strategies to address each one. Your group will be entertained, enlightened, and energized to take on their own voices in a positive way.


– Recognize the “Brain Invaders” that hold them back from their own true potential

– Experience several examples of those with challenges who have succeeded against them, and specific step-by-step procedures on how they overcame them

– Come away with simple strategies to be more effective in their personal and professional lives.

What do sports teams do to fill their stadiums year after year? COVID-19 has temporarily affected attendance, but what do teams do year in and year out to create the kind of demand that packs them in?

Presented as either a virtual keynote (30 minutes), a live keynote (45-50 minutes) or a workshop (90-120 minutes), your audience will:

– Learn the “inside stories” of how teams sell out their stadiums year after year

– Gain the specific sales techniques used by the most successful teams in pro sports

– Get the word-for-word scripts that can be applied immediately to their own sales careers to be more successful.